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From 25 May 2009 Issue

PETA & Pita

I've got a suggestion for those who wish to follow PETA's inspiring lead, but dislike wasting cans of red spray paint.

Today, I visited my local supermarket as I had run out of flour and yeast.

While in line, I stood behind a young woman who wore an animal fur coat. Rather than make an obnoxious comment, as I've so often done in the past, I said loud enough to be overheard by cashiers and customers:

"What a lovely coat. It's amazing what they can do with artificial animal fur, and I understand it's warmer than the real thing."

She was offended, and replied:

"For what I paid, it had better be real."

I gave her my best smile and said:

"But it looks so fake. Amazing. The furs line up so perfectly. Too perfectly. Don't pretend it's real. It's got to be fake, but it still looks ok, even though it's fake."

I ruined her day. Try this same satisfying routine.

I then went home to make the world's best Pita bread. Try this recipe and you'll be amazed at how large the pitas puff up as they bake into perfect little pockets. I cheat and use my breadmaker to mix all the ingredients. This takes about five minutes .

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