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From 20 June 2009 Issue

We Are Not Called ANIMAL RIGHTS ACTIVISTS Because We Are Wrong

By John Karliscek

Finding Your Own Power

I would like all of you reading this newsletter to begin to find your own power. The fact that you have shown an interest in Animals In Print lets me know you have a curiosity to find out more and be a part of something wonderful. You are expressing an interest in making this world a better, more humane habitat for all sentient beings. For all the suffering, and voiceless animals, Thank you.

I know that most people are wanting to involve themselves somehow but feel that one person can't make a difference. Here my friend is where you are wrong. Look back at history and all the memorable things that have happened. What do you notice, names? These name will usually be one person, just one person like yourself, but these people were able to change our lives, some in good ways others in destructive endeavors. These, all one persons, finding their own power and believing in themselves have brought us to this place and time in history. What will your contribution be? Lets get started One Person, because I am going to help you to unlock your inner soul, touch other lives and make a difference far beyond what you felt you were able to do.

To start out you are going to have to leave your comfort range, not in a big way, but a comfortable starting point to discover who you really are and your as yet untapped potential.

For those of you just beginning lets make this simple. I want you to change your diet, not drastically, but slowly and with careful planning. Are you still eating meat and dairy products? Okay, if so I would like you to try and change this way of eating. We already know meat and dairy contribute to a great deal of health problems, obesity and even premature death. So what have you to lose? You eat less meat, the demand for animals' flesh for human consumption drops, less demand, less animals raised only to be slaughtered. See you are already making a difference.

Don't think your friends and family won't notice, they will. Here you have an opportunity to share the cruelties of the meat packing industry and the health benefits you are accruing for yourself. You may get teased, but so what? You are doing the right thing and you are planting the seeds in their minds, seeds that will take root in many instances. From now on people will notice you and comment about you, one person, in a different light. They will see you as a strong person, an individualist, a leader, even if they won't admit it.

If you, like I was raised on a meat based diet it will take time to adjust, to find food you actually like and to discover all those vegetables and fruits you thought weren't to your liking. I have been a vegetarian for over 10 years now. I love my new way of eating and have found I don't miss meat or dairy at all. There are so many delicious meals you can make you will soon forget your old unhealthy habits.

I first went to the library and got recipe books for vegan and vegetarian recipes. I searched the grocery stores for the soy products and found them to be very appetizing and many of them tasted like a fine quality meat. One of my favorites is Morning Star's Chik'n Nuggets, completely a veggie protein, cholesterol -free and 0 grams Trans fats. Morning Star has a variety of these veggie product, try them out, see what you like. Believe it or not vegetables are loaded with protein, iron and all the healthy foods our body needs.

I have named one product that I like, but there is so much more. The soy cheeses are delicious, I can't tell the difference from the unhealthy cholesterol laden dairy product I used to eat.

Each day I eat about 5 or 6 vegetables and about 6 fruits. The trick here is to remember the rainbow. Try to make your choices different colors for each fruit and vegetable has its own healthy contribution to the new, healthier, empowered you. Some of the foods that are extremely healthy, heart friendly and fight the free radicals that help cause cancer are walnuts, broccoli, blueberries, tomatoes, red bell peppers (yes red is best) , bananas, Olive Oil, green leafy vegetable (not iceberg lettuce) , spinach, complex carbohydrates such as Whole wheat Bread, as found in health food stores, Oatmeal, and vegetarian Omega -3. (example Vegan Omega-3 DHA -90 Soft gels)

With this information and your own imagination you should be ready to begin your journey, finding your inner power and making a difference. See wasn't that easy?? Choose more vegetables and fruits. Go for color and variety—dark green, yellow, orange, and red.

Next issue I am going to actually give all of you an assignment, one that will be a little more difficult but a whole lot more empowering. I will show you how to be effective, how to win people over to the humane life style we all striving towards. I will help you to make your point in a non-aggressive approach and educate people in such a fashion many will make changes and think it was their idea. You never have to argue to make your point, you only must listen and understand the other person's perceptions. Let them know you understand them and ever so cleverly, with both of you then on the same page, you have their attention. You, one person, non threatening but empowered with your own sense of truth and effectiveness can persevere.
Don't miss the next issue, "Veal the Meal a Baby Can't Stand For" .

Good day, may love be your guide and compassion your weapon. See you next week, "One Person."

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