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From 28 July 2009 Issue

We Are Not Called ANIMAL RIGHTS ACTIVISTS Because We Are Wrong

Recipe for Veal, Secrets Top Chefs Don't Want You To Know

"Veal the Meal a Baby Can't Stand For."
By John Karliscek 

Good day. I hope this finds you all well and ready to learn and explore more of your personal power.

Last month I began with an easy endeavor, this simple process of diet change. Today I want to take a lot of you somewhat out of your comfort range, we are going to work on one of my pet peeves, Veal. This meat comes from the slaughtering of young calves. They are taken from their Mothers at birth and put into veal crates that are 22 inches wide. This doesn't allow the calf much room to stand or move around. These calves are fed a formula low in the nutrients it needs to thrive as a healthy animal. By the time they are ready for slaughter they are anemic, gasping for air and usually blind. Bear in mind these are infant animals and this is the miserable life they are forced to experience.

This abuse of calves and consumption of veal has decreased measurably in the last years due to the inhumane treatment of these young animals. Once educated by the facts many people feel contempt for those that raise or serve veal. Its unpopularity as a meal is well documented.

Right now the Humane Society, an organization that has now grown to such an extent that it is considered a "Strong Player" in the judicial system, has experienced some major accomplishments. They are working in Ohio to legislate more humane treatment of breeding pigs, chickens and veal calves. They are insisting on crates and cages that would allow animals to be comfortable and move around. They have won legal changes at the voting booths in Florida, Arizona and California, and also hammered out agreements in Oregon, Maine and Colorado. This influx of accomplishments will only grow as The Humane Society grows, acquiring more members/voters and hence forth more political power. You can be part of this power when you vote.

Now here is what I am asking you to do. The next time you go out to eat and you notice veal is listed on the menu mention it to your server. Be polite and say you are surprised they are still serving veal and explain to them briefly, how cruelly the young calves are treated. Each time you return to the restaurant mention it again, nicely. Soon you will be remembered for your comments on Veal. This will get at least some of the restaurant employees thinking about it. They will wonder why you always mention the veal and begin to feel a little uncomfortable when they eat it. You have made the veal become a living entity in their minds, just not a slab of meat on a plate.

Next you either want to ask to speak to the owner or manager of the restaurant and state your surprise they still serve veal. Listen to what they say, don't argue with them, you want to win this one. Instead repeat back to them what they said and respond to how they feel. Example, Manager says "Its very popular dish and we have a lot of requests for it," (you say) "Oh that's understandable,"( smile sweetly now and say). "I understand what you are saying and the main reason I come here is because your restaurant is known for its excellent meals. I am sure you are proud of your establishment, your employees and service are always top notch." Thank them for listening and leave the restaurant with no ill feelings. The manager now feels their power has not been challenged but you have planted a seed in their mind.

Before you return to this restaurant write a note expressing your surprise they serve veal, explain how calves are raised and treated, print up a few copies explaining your concern. If you need help go to PETA and get a fact sheet on veal and print up copies of it. If the fact sheet states you won't be returning to the restaurant unless they stop serving veal, remove that part. Remember we don't want to argue, we want to educate and inform people, we want them to realize veal was a sentient being, not a commodity.

The next time you go to the restaurant mention again the veal on menu to your server and hand them your fact sheet. This time when you leave have your fact sheet in an envelope and addressed to the owner/manager, ask your server or cashier to please give it to the them, make sure you leave your name and phone number on it . Continue to visit the restaurant. Always bring your fact sheet with you and each time leave one on table not in an envelope with your tip and one in an envelope for owner/manager when you leave. Hopefully the concept will grow in their minds and hearts and they will consider removing veal from their entrees. They may even think it was their idea.

If you don't feel comfortable speaking to your server or managers of the restaurant just leave a copy of your fact sheet on the table each time you eat there. Please make sure your name and phone number are included. Don't worry they won't call you, but is shows you are sincere and have a true identity. Repeat this each time you go to the restaurant, see what happens. Always be polite and a nice tip doesn't hurt either.

Good luck to all of you and please step out of your comfort range and try this small endeavor for the calves, remember you are their voices and only hope. Use your power.

Once again, you can find fact sheets about veal at PETA or do a search on Google, as I said before, if the fact sheet says you won't return to the restaurant until they stop serving veal, remove that part. We don't want to make this a battle of wills, we want to educate people and remain non-threatening. Remember we are using our personal skills here to accomplish our goals. You can win with the truth and determination.


Good day, may love be your guide and compassion your weapon. See you next week, "One Person."

"Man has abandoned the natural intelligence of the body ---the day man experienced that consciousness that made him feel separate and superior to the other animals, at that moment he began sowing seeds of his own destruction." ( The Mystique of Enlightenment....U.G. Krishnamurti )

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