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From 28 July 2009 Issue

America's Hush-hush Tuberculosis Epidemic

Are you aware that 42 herds of dairy cows and beef cattle are under quarantine in Nebraska because some
of the animals have tested positive for tuberculosis?

Have you heard this info, or would you consider the shocking news item to be one of those censored stories which our government does not want consumers to know?

South Dakota ag authorities are on alert as numerous Nebraska cows from infected herds were sent to their
state. Not to worry though. Those potentially diseased cows were slaughtered and have already been consumed by trusting humans who had no idea they were eating flesh from diseased animals.

On March 16, 2009, the Notmilk letter reported that California cows were under USDA quarantine for

This past week (June 16, 2009), USDA reported thatherds of cattle in Texas tested positive for tuberculosis.

Why such a concern? TB from cows cannot be passed to humans, can it?

"Infected raw milk is the chief means by which milk-borne tuberculosis is transmitted to man."
- Journal of Dairy Science, 19:435, 1936

"Researchers and regulatory authorities were meeting to halt the rise and spread of tuberculosis from cows
to humans, and to bring incidence to eradication levels."Hoard's Dairyman, March 10, 1959

"Some strains of mycobacteria, similar to those that are associated with tuberculosis, have been found to
survive pasteurization." - National Mastitis Council, 1970, Washington, D.C.

"Many diseases such as tuberculosis are transmissible by milk products." - Journal of Dairy Science 1988; 71

"The causative (tuberculosis) organism in cattle, called Mycobacterium bovis, is one of the most heat-resistant of the non-spore forming pathogenic bacteria, but fortunately it is destroyed by pasteurization. A cow with pulmonary tuberculosis may swallow her own saliva and this, with the infected material coughed up from the lungs, then passes through the whole digestive tract, and remains as an active form of infection. Particles of infected dust or manure may contaminate the milk, or it may be infected directly from the tubercular udder." Modern Dairy Products, by Lincoln Lampert

Some really bad news: New strains of antibiotic resistant tuberculosis are challenging America's
medical community.

We can quarantine infected cows and infected herds. Quarantine infected humans? It just does not work
as Australia learned after a June 11, 2009 Qantas Air Flight:,2933,526362,00.html

Robert Cohen 

Editors Note: I highly recommend this newsletter. Educate yourself, learn why I encourage people to stop dairy. Remember you can't change your life till you change your habits. Linda

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