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30 Jan 2010 Issue

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The Earthlings

Prelude and intro:: Global Campaign to end the meat consumption before 2020 ****************************************
Author: Unknown/Facebook

Meat consumption is destructive. It causes immense suffering and pain to billions and billions of sentient, living individuals, that have feelings, thoughts, and social and emotional needs, just as deeply as you and I do.

The animals in the meat industry are treated like soulless products without any existential rights whatsoever. A long time ago the widespread misunderstanding was that they did not feel anything, had no inner lives, and only functioned instinctively. We now know for a fact that this could not be more wrong!!! And this has been completely clear and obvious to anyone that has been in the peaceful and loving presence of animals.


Did you know that all animals with spinal cords share the exact same system in the brain that humans have, that enables us to feel? They feel as much as and as deeply as we humans do. This region of the brain is known as the limbic system, and is in the evolutionarily oldest part of the brain, called the reptile brain.

Picture any human in a similar situation: is it ever defensible to treat them like this? They are voiceless, sentient, intelligent, conscious, living individuals.

Meat consumption is environmentally destructive. It involves a tremendous waste of fresh water to grow the crops that are fed to the animals in the meat industry. Huge amounts of land are used for the growing of soybeans to feed the animals in the meat industry. Land that could be used to grow food directly with an approximate 90% gain of resources, that goes to waste through the meat production process!!!

A United Nations report has identified animal agriculture as the greatest threat to the climate, forests, and to wildlife. Raising animals for food is also responsible for a host of other environmental crimes, from acid rain to the introduction of exotic species, from producing deserts to creating dead zones in the oceans, from poisoning rivers and drinking water to destroying coral reefs.

Meat consumption is destructive because it is the NO.1 SOURCE OF CLIMATE CHANGING GASES IN THE ATMOSPHERE!!!! The climate changes worldwide are killing off unbelievable amounts of spieces on the planet at a pace we have never before witnessed in the history of this earth.

This is the ONLY home for all of us to share, and we must treat it with great care and love!!!


Many organizations, causes and groups helped contribute the facts found in this article.

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