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5 April 2010 Issue

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We Are The Animal Rights Activists!!!!!!!
We Are The Rescuers!!!

By John Karliscek

What has caused to so many people to mutate into depraved souls, who brutally and with no remorse, use and abuse sentient animals, caring only about themselves, their monetary gains, huge egos and lavish overdone life styles, These vacant, and shallow humans feel no remorse for the suffering and terror they inflict, leaving in their path the corpses of millions of vulnerable creatures? These insipid individuals can be found abusing power, flaunting their opulent homes and demanding special, glorified treatment from others. What do they add to the world? They contribute only their despicable decadence and leave in their paths the silent, screaming echoes of lives they have tormented and murdered.

These greedy, self serving, money mongers, accumulating huge fortunes from the use and abuse of animals as commodities, are nothing more than vacant souls. Money is their God. They worship at a shallow and depraved alter of ill gotten gains. They are immoral fools that embarrass themselves with nonexistent, self idolizing actions and lifestyles.

Animal Rights Activist know what is valuable. We, who are now denounced as terrorist, understand love and compassion is what is essential for all living entities. The tender touch that we have, each in our essence to use or disregard, this is our test, this is who we are, money can't buy it.

Everyday I become more committed to Animals Rights Ideology. In this world there is only one guarantee that remains certain and holds steadfast, this is change. We accept this truth and with this knowledge we move forward, challenging the different, unjust and archaic animal issues implemented by various people globally. We are here, we are succeeding, devoted to the liberation of animals from human abuse and domination.

I can't encourage you enough to find your voice for these desperate animals. Unleash your dedication, your power and begin to help make changes in your life to benefit the voiceless victims. Form groups, become active in your community. Be a source of information, write letters to the newspapers, call in to talk radio shows and stir the pot. Get people thinking.

If you are encompassed by barriers, climb upon them, standing taller and let your voice resound farther and louder. With each success there will be obstacles thrown in your way. Don't be discouraged. Laugh at the knowledge that only effective people with honest facts can upset the predators of animals. Your flame will burn brightly and they won't have enough water to put it out. Leave them in their immoral ashes as you proceed.

You will find yourself, like a magnet, drawing more positive, life altering changes in our world. Chose now to be a warrior for compassion, for the truth, and the eventual liberation of those calling and begging your heart to be heard.

You have been chosen to this endeavor by a power greater than any oppressor. Your soul, sensitive to suffering, is waiting only for you to accept your divine destiny. Come out of the shadows and join me now! Grab a sunbeam, we are the light of hope and change. We are Animal Rights Activist and we stand humbled but strong as we harvest the corruption that grows on this earth and plant in its wake a world returned to its natural harmony.


Life of Suffering

Life of Suffering

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