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10 July 2010 Issue

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Whitetail Deer Hunting, Hog Hunting, Night Vision Hunts

Not sure of yourself? Lack self-confidence? Then you have come to the right place. This ranch raises its own deer and for a nifty couple thousand bucks you can bag your own Buck.

Yes, it has finally come to this A Man In A Can or fancy canned hunt I should say.

I have to admit I am shocked everyday at the extremes humans will actually go to feel good about themselves and how often a defenseless animal is involved. I have enclosed here all this ranches sickening props, pictures include many happy spineless cretins with their kill. I am not impressed.

Here we are, the twenty-first century and these men still need to take their guns and kill a living sentient being. There is no excuse for this they just love to murder animals as long as it is easy and the odds are on their sides. The expenses of hunting at this ranch far excludes all that empty banter that they need the food. They could but triple the food with the cash they waste on this sure kill. This the savages, they disgrace even hunters with their whimped out method of hunting.
Let's take a look at all this very special and loving ranch. Read their enticing rhetoric. See the happy hunters and the luckless deer. So we begin here!

The best quality deer hunt for an exceptional value...
Hunts starting at $2500!

Couples that hunt together will love this place.

The Ranch

The Non-Typical Ranch is rugged, tough terrain that will challenge the most seasoned hunter. The ranch offers dramatic elevation changes like that of the hill country, mesquite brush country like that of south Texas, and the vast open country that West Texas is so famous for.

The 2200 acres of the ranch have been under high fence and strict game management practices for well over a decade. A paved road leads you from the front gate to the main lodge on top of the mountain offering simply breathtaking views.

With hunting locations across all of the properties, hunters will get to experience all that Texas is famous for in one single visit. Deep in history, the ranch was once home to Indian tribes and other historical Texas monuments. With miles and miles of country to explore, hunters will have to make several trips before ever approaching seeing all of the ranch. This same abundance of cover and land give the whitetail an advantage and make the ranch home to the most fair chase hunt one could imagine.

Prepare to be spoiled here. You will see Giant Bucks!

The Non-Typical Ranch has it all when it comes to hunting trophy whitetail in Texas. The terrain is rugged, the deer are large and the accommodations are second to none.

All hunters are provided a professional guide who knows the ranch and is dedicated to putting their clients on the deer of their dreams as well as providing an overall hunting experience that will last a lifetime.

Hunts are conducted primarily from large tower blinds with visibility across the expansive Texas mesquite and cedar cover. Wildlife food plots are plentiful and provide a great way for hunters to see great numbers of deer and other native and exotic game.

Hunters will average seeing well over 20 bucks a day and every year the deer taken off the ranch are getting bigger and bigger - a strong testament to our management program! Axis deer, blackbuck antelope, javelina, rio-grande turkey and bobcats are also prevalent on the ranch.

If you ever get an opportunity to come here,


Our philosophy on genetics at The Non-Typical Ranch is simple: Start with the best, breed the best and raise the bar on producing trophy whitetails in Texas! When we first began our breeding program in 2002, we sought out the absolute best genetics available in the marketplace. Proven pedigrees and record setting genetics were all we were interested in. Our does lines came from deep Texas Pedigrees and we sought most of our original sire lines from proven northern strained bucks. This strategy has enabled us to produce whitetails with pedigrees matched by few around. If you're looking to improved your herd's genetics, look no further: We have what you're looking for! Check our AI sires, herd sires and genetics gallery for detailed information on the deer we have in our program. Call us anytime to discuss how to unleash the potential of these genetics into your herd!



Welcome to Wildlife Camera

Wildlife Camera is the world's best wildlife viewing camera system, giving you full control of your cameras from anywhere in the world. Keep an eye on your ranch or livestock from your office or from anywhere there is internet service. If you have an Iphone or smart phone, you can even watch it while you are on the go.

We specialize in remote video surveillance and internet connectivity. It does not matter whether or not you have power where you want to view your animals or deer. We provide complete solar setups to accommodate your needs.

We are a full-service contractor providing high quality service to residential, industrial, and commercial clients in Texas and surrounding states. We specialize in designing and installing Wireless IP Video Cameras for Ranchers and oil companies in remote locations. We have the know-how and the experience to provide internet to remote locations and also internet cameras that can be viewed from any internet browser anywhere in the world. Our licensed contractors and expert technicians are dedicated to working with you to implement a solution that meets your needs.

Finally look at all the "wanna be men" with their kills. How pathetic and off based are they. These beautiful animals have to lose their life to give them some semblance of manhood!

Only a limited number of hunts are sold each year, so contact us now.

xxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxx Ranch
P.O. Box xxxxxxx

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED except those of the trapped animals.

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