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PROTEST, WRITE--Rabbits Skinned Alive For Their Fur

STOP ANIMAL CRUELTY: Under The Fur Coats: Rabbits’ Screams Of Death

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" Bludgeon me to death, anally electrocute me, or skin me alive, I am the victim of your greedy hell …”

If we’d only listen, this is what we’d hear: the despair, the torment, the utter depravity of fur, ripped from still-conscious animal victims. To subject animals to these conditions, borne of greed, vanity, and self-serving lifestyles, is the fault of human motives, not animal genetics.

There are links below to graphic footage of the fur industry; be forewarned that it is brutal, unconscionable, and wretched. However, if you can wear, profit from, participate in, or support it in any manner, you can watch it, this should not be hidden from society, the animals are victims of such, not consenting contributors.

This alert is focused on one furrier, but it can be used for any. If you see a fur and skin store, tell them how you feel. If you know people who wear fur, tell them the secrets of the industry, and even if you don’t know anyone, tell someone anyway. If you are concerned that a product you want to purchase contains real fur, play it safe and don’t. And remember, those animals considered “family members” in one culture are the same considered expendable resources in another: cats, dogs, and rabbits, for example, and as long as some are exploited, others will never enjoy any freedom.

Thank you.



Animals are skinned alive because once they are dead, rigor mortis starts to set, and the skin does not come off so easily. Workers break animals’ backs, or necks, so they can’t move while they brutally skin them.

Sascha established her namesake label in Winter 2008 with a small collection of fur vests and soon realized that there was a strong following of her exclusive fur designs.

The fur trade is ‘government regulated’ to ensure that endangered species are never used. Fur is an excellent example of “sustainable use of renewable resources,” says Sascha Fur.

It is obvious that Sascha Fur believes that as long as an animal is not endangered then it is acceptable to steal the fur from the back of a sentient, innocent, non-human animal. Do animals such as dogs, cats, rabbits, raccoons, mink, just to provide a few, not feel the same pain an endangered animal would when being killed in the most unspeakable ways? What utter idiocy.

Sascha Fur claims to use ‘Rabbit and Raccoon’ fur and sells her fur designs throughout Australia. Is Sascha Fur not aware of the horrendous cruelty behind the rabbit and raccoon fur trade?

Watch how raccoons are brutally skinned alive for their fur. I wonder if Sascha Fur purchases its fur from this hellhole, one of the largest ‘providers and distributors’ of fur:

And what about the rabbit fur Sascha uses, does it come from a fur farm that brutally kills rabbits for their fur? Of course it does. Animals farmed and tortured for fur are all treated reprehensibly with no consideration. Has Sascha Fur ever heard the screams of rabbits while they are brutally killed for their fur? Doubtful. Nor would they care.

Indeed, it is impossible to slaughter an animal in a cruelty-free manner. In fact, the fur industry is based on inherently-depraved suffering and exploitation in ALL stages. Please send a message stating your disgust to Sascha Fur and their stockists throughout Australia. Feel free to use any of the two SAMPLE LETTERS below. These are two of my standards and are characteristically long, please take a few moments to modify and shorten and add your own words so that they receive a variety of messages. Thank you for taking a moment to describe your utter horror of the fur industry and your rejection of such.

(Please also remember that, until legislation is passed in the USA, mandating the disclosure of real fur materials in products under $150, any item that has fur, from small toys to companion animal products, more than likely contain REAL fur, do not buy any.)

Feel free to also use this either of the two alert/letters below for protesting to furriers.

WHERE TO SEND YOUR MESSAGE (copy/paste into the TO: of your email program):

Here are the email addresses : copy and paste into your email send box.:

([email protected] ; [email protected] ; [email protected] ;
[email protected] ; [email protected] ; [email protected] ; [email protected] ; [email protected] ; [email protected] ; [email protected] ; [email protected] ; [email protected] ; [email protected])

To Whom It Concerns,

I am writing today to share my disgust regarding your support of the fur industry; it is my understanding that you are either supporting in the deliberate act of victimization of animals, their suffering, and their hideous deaths, or you disregard these facts, instead adopting human-manufactured definitions to exonerate yourself.

Although I find it important to establish an understanding in the spirit of respectful dialogue, I will abandon my customary request and instead adopt a more unforgiving approach; your “Government Regulations” to ensure that no endangered animals are killed for their fur is a self-serving effort to solicit approval on behalf of the savage industry you commercially support. Allow me to correct what I believe is your gross misinformation and erroneous statements. When you consider “animal welfare” protocols, you are only considering yourself: welfare is defined by the butchers and the profiteers of the fur and skin industries. These are neither humane nor compassionate practices and are adopted to serve humans, not animals. Indeed, the only benefactor of welfarist implements are people who are seeking ethical approval as the result of such as well as the industries who desire relief from the pressure of opponents. Any animal, regardless of surroundings or treatments, who is viciously killed, regardless of age, is treated in an inherently-barbaric manner; humane killing is an oxymoron, a myth, a contradiction of actions: it is impossible to deliberately slaughter an animal for such frivolity and regard it as a humane action. In fact, killing unnecessarily without regard to the animal’s right to life is the embodiment of suffering; a life that is prematurely, egotistically, and violently terminated cannot be characterized as “cruelty-free”, a human-manufactured term you embrace for your advantage, not the animal’s. Are you aware that the accepted slaughtering standard for the fur industry is to skin alive? It imparts the least damage to a pelt, and animals are frequently subjected to this vicious and barbaric slaughter method. Would you consider that a demonstration of a “good life” with no “harm”?

Watch the undercover footage of the industry you promote:

Humans are capable, indeed obligated, to acknowledge animals as sentient beings who, like humans, experience love, anguish, pain, and suffering. Human apathy as established by the usage of fabrications and euphemisms reflects a lack of respect, not only for animals, but also for humans, and I implore upon you to examine your role in the suffering of animals and your unscrupulous conduct as host to such a cruel business. As such, as long as you unnecessarily and selfishly capitalizes on the mutilation, torture, and death of animals, I will not financially support you or your associated products. Furthermore, I will share this information with family, friends, colleagues, and members of online communities.

Please make both the ethical and financially-responsible decision to discontinue your commercial support of fur immediately: join an increasing body of corporations who are listening to a concerned and attentive consumer population who refuse to be complicit in the inherently malicious industry of fur farming.
I hope this letter finds you willing to scrutinize your own involvement and desire to protect rather than harm animals.


To Whom It Concerns,
I am shocked to discover that you sell products made from the fur of non-human animals; due to the inherently-brutal industries of fur farming, any products derived from the suffering and killing of animals should be rejected, and I am respectfully requesting that you discontinue profiting off the exploitation of animals.

Allow me to illustrate what I believe to be your contribution to the violent practice of animal farming by sharing particular characteristics: tens of millions of animals are subjected to the most exploitative rituals and torturous conditions as practiced by the skin and fur industries. In accordance with established protocols, these industries condemn animals to horrific environments and methods of death including the deliberate skinning alive, anal and genital electrocution, and gassing, all selected to impart the least damage to fur pelts and skin. Contrary to industry publications meant to cultivate an appeal to vanity or luxury, however, the standardized policies regarding animals bred and killed for fur and skin additionally include housing in substandard enclosures where animals live in diseased conditions, inadequate nutrition, and an environment where animals pace relentlessly due to illness, boredom, and pain. Because these animals are either caught in barbaric traps or bred to be killed, any comforts are considered cost-prohibitive and thus denied.

View the undercover footage of the industry you promote:

Speciesism, the prejudicial regard elevating human animals to a superior status as compared to non-human animals, thus validating a lack of compassion towards them, is dangerous and immoral. This is not an ideal precept but rather an unethical and disgusting display of bias. The fact that human animals strive endlessly to disguise the deliberate enslavement, torture, and killing of animals using solicitous excuses such as need, desire, want, and finances demonstrates the fundamentally specious nature of such justifications! Indeed, if you replace pig, cow, dog, or deer with human, you will shock yourself into a disturbing submission of shame: duplicitous exclamations may serve to benefit you, but they do nothing to conceal the deaths of others. When a life is intentionally taken so maliciously and callously, that it was human or non-human is irrelevant, that it was taken so maliciously and callously IS. The devalue of life, and the disregard of suffering and death does not make the action invisible or obscured or acceptable, it only makes it appropriate to the people who exploit a definition, who corrupt sentience, and who subvert life to validate the deliberate termination of it.

Please reconsider your position and remember that the real victims are those whose blood you so callously deem irrelevant: whose lives are ended at the beginning of a weapon, stolen as inconsequential by hands demanding death. Share your disgrace of fur with the global community who also rejects it by discontinuing the sale of it. Until such a time you no longer engage in the commerce of the suffering and torture of sentient animals, I will not be able to support you. It is important to recognize that consumers are exercising their right to choose businesses who refuse fur over those who continue to profit from it.

Thank you for taking the time to consider this important request.


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