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10 July 2010 Issue

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China, Cat Dissected While Awake, Peking University

by Yu Aitong

May, 2010

Peking University Health Science Center has been accused of using street cats for laboratory testing, and the university has confirmed the cats were purchased but were not bought from local sellers.

The Beijing News reported on Monday that the university was using cats in its laboratory research by students.

The newspaper sent a reporter, who pretended to be an auditor for a pharmacology testing class. Before the test started, a white cat weighing less than three kilograms was hidden in a bag outside the laboratory, waiting to be dissected.

Later it was brought in a wooden box specially designed for anaesthetizing without the cat scratching the laboratory staff. The staff injected 3 per cent of a narcotic through holes on the top and side.

Once anaesthetized, the cat was placed on an operating table with its four legs tied by ropes, its jaws were opened and a metal ring inserted.

Two and a half hours later, the test was finished and a student injected a chemical into one of the cat's legs to kill it. A cleaner packed the body into a plastic bag to be incinerated with that of another cat, which had died during the same class.

The report said some students had asked their teachers where the cats came from because they were curious why the laboratory cats smelled badly and appeared dirty. The teacher told them they were wild cats from the suburbs, and a laboratory employee explained that "a private cat seller will send cats to the school whenever we call."

One can see the monsters vivisecting the poor cat without any anesthetic...The poor animal is fully alert. Please polite if you can.

email address as below: [email protected] 
source: South China Morning Post.

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