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10 July 2010 Issue

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The time is NOW to regulate breeding of animals while millions
of surplus animals die daily while waiting for a loving home.
$$$$$$$$$$ Stop the greed $$$$$$$$$$, don't breed.
Spay and neuter your companion animals !

You laugh at me because I am different; I laugh because you are all the same. ~Daniel Knode

  1. La Grange P.D. Shoots Scared Dog Twice ... Make Sure They Pay!
  2. PROTEST, WRITE--Rabbits Skinned Alive For Their Fur
  3. Murder Is Still Murder! - There Is No Happy, Willing Deaths For Captive Farm Animals
  4. Farm Animals Eat What? The Reality Of Feed At Animal Factories
  6. Fishing For Facts
  7. China, Cat Dissected While Awake, Peking University - The Bloody Picture Of Cruelty At Peking University
  8. The Horror - "Ethical Slaughter"
  9. Oreo's Law What Went So Wrong - Where Have You Gone "Best Friends" By Nathan J. Winograd
  10. Whitetail Deer Hunting, Hog Hunting, Night Vision Hunts
  11. Horse Slaughter In The US Today
  12. Mishka The Talking Dog
  13. The 'Corridor Of Cruelty' - Deborah Hoffman Rescuing Dogs
  14. The International Language Of Empathy
  15. Why Do I Support ALF
  16. Maria Is But One Tiny Life In The Grand Scheme Of Things...

"All truth passes through three stages:
First it is Ridiculed.
Second, it is Violently Opposed.
Third, it is Accepted as being Self-Evident."
~Arthur Schopenhauer~ (1778-1860)

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