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Actual Quotes On Killing Of Does, Fawns... Sadistic Bowhunters

Source: Christian Raymond

"Quotes straight from the sadistic bowhunters mouth on killing of does, fawns, pregnant does and yearlings. This is what happens to our deer during doe and "antlerless" hunts...

From the hunting logs of Suburban Whitetail Management of Northern Virginia (SWMNV). SWMNV is one of the bowhunting groups given access to County parks to bowhunt.

"At 6:45 am 2 fawns came in, stopped behind some brush and hopped away, not giving me a clear shot. About 30 seconds later, Momma came through and game me an open shot. She went about 30 yards and piled up. The fawns hung around way out of range for a while, but never came within range." (Two orphans now)

"Had an opportunity at one of the fawns, took the shot..clean miss. I couldn't figure out how to adjust for yardage ad size. My god they are little things. Must have jumped 5 feet in the air and was gone. While mama was trying to figure out what happened. Wack! Lights out. She ran past * (sorry buddy!!) and piled up in the creek I like it!!"

"Two of the yearlings did a swee -saw trot over to the decoy, a third pregnant doe came in fast circling right under my tree and then, in a stance somewhere between inquisitive and agrressive, she stared at the decoy and slowly stepped in toward it. The place she started that slow stare and step was at 15 yards slightly quartering away, she only took two steps before I let the arrow fly and the Slick Trick did it's thing. She exploded off so hard that when she crashed into the final tree 40 yards away, she snapped her rear leg at the knee. Thank to *!. Thank you for the demonstration at the meeting. That's one more tool for my bag of tricks.

"I shot the doe while the fawns were right below me. She took off towards the damn then crossed the creek and expired before she go into the back yard of the corner property - thankfully. I noticed the second doe after I shot. She and the fawns followed the first doe across the creek and paid their last respects. " "The doe stood quartering away for too long, so I shot her. She ran to the east and then down the sourthern property line and piled up about 5 yards from the creek. After dragging the second deer to my truck, I ran into a couple and tehir real estate agent who were looking at the homes for sale. I guess they saw me drag he deer by and asked if there were many dead deer in the area. So, I am still in cao and have just dragged a deeer past them, and they guess natural causes. I had a nice (polite) chat with them and told them about the property and what we do, etc. They were fine, but for the life of me I can not figure out how America go so stupid. Oh well."

Pregnant deer

"Shot this deer at 8:15 at 2 yards. She ran about 40 yards and piled up. All this with my backup bow, which is now my primary. I have included a picture in b/w so it won't look too gory. She had 4 fetus' but on was about a quarter of the other three in size and - no getting into my necropsy - I think i had already died. Still, 3 is a lot and I guess there has been plentyu of food for them. "

The doe ran a tight circe and dropped close to where I delivered the arrow so I drove another on in for good measure. Upo inspection, she was missing a patch of fur and her rear right hoof She was carrying three fawns...I guess the bucks don't care about look/physical appearance. "

"THWACK! She flew down hill towards the creek and crashed. Since it was still early, I sat for about another 45 minutes when a pair of deer came from the pinch point. It was two nubber bucks. The smaller of the two just had bump but he came into the killing zone. THWACK #2! The doe had two tawns inside which I hate to see but that's the way it is"

Killing of fawns

" I drew my bow back, then the fawn walked forward a little. Some leaves were blocking my shot, so I had to hold my bow back because the fawn was now facing sideways and would've been able to easiy spot me if I moved. Then he took about 5 more steps it was about 21 yards when I aimed and slowly pulled the trigger. The fawn stumbled then ran towards some down trees. We followed the blood trails for about 20 yards and as I looked to my right I was standing right net to the fawn" (a tiny spotted fawn, the newsletter had a picture)

"Bumped a fawn out while setting up down behind Kohler's drain field at Roseland..Lots of deer sign of mature deer all around, but the fawn won the reverse lottery that night."

"However, the youngest deer with a white streak on her haunch started racing around and doing laps in woods. Soon the other smallest deer joined in. He was a little larger than her, no by much. After they kep this up for like 10 minutes. The second deeer paused by my stand 20 yards away long enough for me to shoot. The sot landed true and he dropped after 25 yards." This comment is not meaninful to the Board of Supervisors since they don't care about deer or family units. It is just heartbreakig. He watched this youngster playing and then kill him.

Thanks to the 21st Century Deer Management For Fairfax County for the quotes.

"Shoot the mom, shoot the mom" said the bowhunter to his kid.

One bowkiller says
"this doe right here she come tearing in here looking for her babies or some bodies .

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