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25 September 2010 Issue

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The time is NOW to regulate breeding of animals while millions
of surplus animals die daily while waiting for a loving home.
$$$$$$$$$$ Stop the greed $$$$$$$$$$, don't breed.
Spay and neuter your companion animals !

You laugh at me because I am different; I laugh because you are all the same. ~Daniel Knode

  1. Dog Gas Chamber - The Bill Brady Plan
  2. Activist Jailed For Facebook Friending: Animal Rights Activist Rod Coronado Ordered Back to Prison After Accepting Friend Request from Fellow Activist
  3. Local Activists Takes On Ku Med Center: KU Med Lies, Abuses Animals, and Shreds the Constitution…
  4. Frequently Asked Questions About Animal Rights
  5. How To Find Missing Pets
  6. Endangered Or Not, Wolf Killings Set To Expand
  7. North Carolina Product Testing Lab Exposed
  8. The Sierra Club Chooses Killers over Advocates for Life and Nature
  9. Man Killed In Apparent Bow-Hunting Accident
  10. Don't Call Them Animal Shelters
  11. De-Vocalizing Animals
  12. God Angrily Clarifies 'Don't Kill' Rule
  13. The Animal Liberation Investigation Unit has obtained damning photographs from within Primate Products, Inc.
  14. The 'Meat Paradox'
  15. Twist Of Fate Turns Little Piglet Into Biggest Winner
  16. Warriors: Stop Poaching And Bushmeat
  17. How To Humanely Get Rid Of Ants

"All truth passes through three stages:
First it is Ridiculed.
Second, it is Violently Opposed.
Third, it is Accepted as being Self-Evident."
~Arthur Schopenhauer~ (1778-1860)

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