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20 November 2010 Issue

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If You Eat Meat Prepare Yourself For What The Animals Eat

This year, 20 billion pounds of dead cows will be fed to American farm animals - These animals, in turn, will be slaughtered and eaten by American consumers

By Christian Raymond

Experts agree that England's epidemic of Mad Cow Disease occurred as a result of feeding infected dead animals back to cows being raised for human food - The same practice has occurred in America, although new FDA regulations prohibit feeding cows their mothers and sisters

The infectious agent responsible for mad cow disease is a Prion (pronounced: pree-on) This protein particle resembles a crystal, and is very difficult to destroy

Prions are neither bacterial nor viral in nature They contain no DNA - Prions reproduce by "folding" mirror images of themselves in the brain of either cows or humans - During this invasive process, areas of the brain turn into a sponge-like mass -

The medical term for Mad Cow Disease is Bovine Spongiform Encephalitis (BSE) - In lab tests, Prions have been exposed to temperatures of 680 degrees Fahrenheit and higher - The Prions survive .

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