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~ We Can't Handle The Truth ~

By Brennan Browne

In referring to human beings' personal levels of enlightenment, the poet Maya Angelou once said, " When you knew better, you did better." As our species rapidly descends into a state of collective insanity, intent on punishing the few with ethics and common sense still intact, this homespun observation rings profoundly false. Humanity, if there were any justice, with some notable exceptions, should have been placed on trial for crimes against nature eons ago.

Not only have we NOT "done better," we have deliberately formulated ways to lie to ourselves about how low we really are as a species.

Euphemisms which sanitize acts of murder -- cull, harvest, "put to sleep," are bastardized doublespeak with only one real purpose -- profound self-deception. Lies utilized to lull us psychologically and emotionally into denial; into believing that the crimes we perpetrate against our most defenseless, are somehow less evil if we spin them into palatable, benign language. By their very nature, these types of euphemisms create apathy, inaction and acceptance of supremely immoral and repulsive human behaviors.

We employ such devices to perpetuate our own widespread psychopathy. The sicker and more removed from reality we become as a species, the more these semantic crutches are employed to completely rid us of guilt in our ongoing war on everything outside the human realm. Devaluing and blaming our victims has overwhelmingly been the case with our relationships to non-humans. Instead of placing responsibility squarely on our own shoulders for the disasters which befall us, we search for convenient, voiceless scapegoats in which to unleash our rage. Never mind that the fault lies with humanity nearly 100% of the time; the falsehoods we tell ourselves continue expanding to include ever more deluded, irrational behavior.

Take the Bubonic Plague for example; a disease which was actually caused by human filth due to cramped, squalid living conditions which prevailed in 14th Century Europe and Asia, but will forever be blamed on the rat. To this day, reviled and brutally exterminated the world over, the rat bears the brunt of that unfair legacy. Rodents in general have been targeted by man via guilt by association. They continue to be blamed for everything from the Hanta virus to rabies and many other media-hyped, paranoidically overblown outbreaks. Fleas, the actual culprits of the Black Death, which quickly spread the disease, are rarely mentioned. Perhaps because it's easier for mankind to demonize a species which can be readily seen, versus one not so conveniently cornered and exterminated.

"Bully breeds" are the most recent victims of blindly prejudiced witch hunts. Increasingly universally ostracized, indicted and murdered for "viciousness," the overriding issue conveniently absent from this wild hysteria is that viciousness [sans a medical condition] is CREATED solely by human beings. No single breed is innately "vicious" unless taught to be that way by his or her human counterparts. This is yet another prime example of mankind's propensity toward mindless violence and stupidity -- creating any number of "problems" which would not otherwise exist save for his interference.

To date, Homo sapiens -- Latin for "wise or knowing man" -- have learned nothing. We continue, unabated, in our perennial quest to create non-human villains which ultimately become our sacrificial lambs in never-ending, one-sided vendettas against [real or imagined] calamities we ourselves cause.

Just as our disgusting habits as a species resulted in the Black Plague, our arrogant contempt for the suffering and barbaric living conditions we devise for our non-human charges, continues to wreak havoc on those powerless to stop us. Pandemics are not created in a vacuum. They are fostered by greedy, self-serving human beings which refuse to see sentients as anything more than dollar signs.

The so-called Swine and Bird influenzas had everything to do with human-engineered concentration camp conditions -- which generated abject squalor -- and little to do with the animals themselves. These innocents were victimized twice by man's myopic hubris: first by his repeated creation of atmospheres where disease rampantly flourishes, and then by his monstrous "solutions." It has been more expedient to mass murder animals by the hundreds of millions, in the most vile, inhumane ways possible, than to examine our own immoral deeds, which led us to these catastrophes in the first place. Trillions of animals sacrificed on the alter of man's profound idiocy throughout history. A shameful, horrific legacy.

Alas, man is too proud of whom he delusionally BELIEVES himself to be to have any shame. So he mindlessly trots out the standard excuses which prevail among tyrants for their acts of grotesqueness--species-cide based on tradition, culture, religion, medical advancement, food, entertainment and wiping multiple non-humans to extinction under the guise of "vermin." We play God, minus His wisdom, compassion and reverence for this planet and our universe. And we prove ourselves merciless savages, while continuously, pompously claiming superiority and civility.

Any individual empathetic and perceptive enough to challenge this blatant, pervasive hypocrisy is made society's whipping boy. Not only accused of caring more for the rights and comforts of those humanity systematically tortures and murders daily; but increasingly, punished by those in power who devise laws which protect the abusers and strip the personal liberties of people acting on their victims' behalf. We continue to laud ourselves, proclaiming the loftiness of freedom, democracy and peace, while furiously attacking, beating down and imprisoning anyone having the audacity to speak the truth about our despicable cravings for insatiable bloodletting. We contemptuously seize the right to manipulate and murder everything in our path to suit our immediate needs, while showing no interest, whatsoever, in the consequences.

If we can't openly acknowledge the worst about ourselves, then we will never aspire to anything greater than the destructive, delusional, sorry excuses for a species which we have historically proven ourselves to be. There is no hope for a race which spends an obscene level of resources -- time, energy, money, legislation and myriad punishments -- on crushing the truth about their monumental level of wickedness.


~ We Can't Handle The Truth ~

~ We Can't Handle The Truth ~

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