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Comments about the HSUS

By Matthew DeLuca

(Note: Please forward this message to Wayne Pacelle, CEO of the HSUS. Thank you.)

An open letter to Mr. Wayne Pacelle, and his HSUS,

Recently, I have responded to fictional ASPCA commercials, by pointing out the facts: Killing a healthy living being is CRUEL. Thus, the ASPCA who engage in, and encourage, the killing of shelter pets, are cruel also.

Today, I saw a HSUS commercial. I will now expose IT for the fraudulent commercial that IT is.

The HSUS uses talented actress, Wendie Malick in their commercials. Malick seems like a wonderful woman. Pet lover. Compassionate. Wants pets' precious lives to be saved. If only the HSUS wanted the same. Their actions prove otherwise.

In the commercial, with Malick narrating, the message sent to would be donors (as if the HSUS doesnt have enough money, of which, LESS THAN HALF OF 1% of the donations that the HSUS gets are actually used to save shelter pets)...the message in the commercial, like the ASPCA's commercials are simple: They say what THEY WANT PET LOVERS TO HEAR. They omit the fact that they, the INHUMANE society of the U.S. has constantly OPPOSED No Kill Programs, and has SIDED AGAINST feral cat caretakers who have come to them, asking for help.

I bet Ms. Malick doesn't know THAT about the HSUS.

The commercials use guilt, to tug on the heartstrings of good hearted pet lovers who want to help animals. The only problem is, as mentioned earlier, the HSUS USES LESS THAN HALF OF 1% OF DONATIONS FROM PET LOVERS, TO HELP PETS IN SHELTERS.

One must ask, where is the other 99 and a half percent of the money going? Not to save pets, I'll tell you that.

So, like the hypocrites in the ASPCA, the hypocrites in the INHUMANE society of the U.S. are guilty of the same thing: They whisper sweet sugar coated nothings into the ears of would be donors, while hiding the bittersweet truth beneath the layers of deception, euphemisms, double speak and actions which are contradictory to their "humane" claim.

I recently found, in the back of one of my kitchen cabinets, a dusty old mug that the HSUS must have sent me years ago, while trying to recruit me into throwing money away on a Society that stands idly by while shelter pets are murdered. On the mug, are the words:

"'s their world too".

Awww, cute, right?

But do the actions of the HSUS synchronize with the cute, catchy words they put on their mugs?

Lets analyze this and see what the truth reveals.

Is it a "Feral Cat's World Too", when the HSUS receives desperate pleas on behalf of feral caretakers, to help them take on heartless bureaucrats in government who want to kill the cats, and the HSUS SIDES WITH the cat killers? No, then it's NOT "the cats' world too", for if it was, they'd be free to live in it.

When the feral cats needed someone to defend THEIR right to live in "their world", after all, "It's their world too", the fraudulent HSUS said "Kill the cats". How INHUMANE of them.

When the INHUMANE Michael Vick abused and killed dogs, did the HSUS believe in rehabilitation for the beaten, battered dogs? After all, "It's their world, too". No, the HSUS said "kill the dogs".
How INHUMANE of them.

Apparently Wayne Pacelle think it's good to "rehabilitate" the dogs' MURDERER (Vick), but the dogs themselves? No, they're not worthy of the consideration given to their abuser and killer.

And how INHUMANE of HSUS Head Wayne Pacelle, for becoming buddies with one of the most notoriously INHUMANE animal abusers and killers in history (Vick).

What next? Al Sharpton donning a white sheet and burning a cross on an African American family's lawn?

Of course, Pacelle has never been known for his hands on love for animals. He's the kind of guy who will pose with a dog for a sweet photo-op, and after saying "cheese", he runs for the antibacterial soap because he "touched a dog".

I mean, the guy wrote a book about "The Bond" that we human animals share with our fellow animals, even though he is quoted as having said: "I have never felt a bond with any animal".
So Pacelle writes a book on a subject that he admits to knowing nothing about, because he never actually experienced it himself.

Yet again, the HSUS, via their poor excuse for a 'leader' contradicts themselves.

Who cares about truth, when there's money to be made?

The HSUS are THE most responsible group for the mass murder of shelter pets in our country. For shelters seek the advice of the HSUS, when deciding how to structure their operations. These death camps disguised as "shelters" murder pets, BECAUSE THE HSUS RECOMMENDS THAT THEY DO SO.

You don't hear THAT fact coming out of Ms. Malick's mouth, probably because she doesn't even know herself...the HSUS has a history of using politics, double speak, and euphemisms to deceive animal lovers into handing their money to these INHUMANE accessories to mass shelter pet killing.

For example,

Take the euphemism: "humane euthanasia".
In fact, "humane euthanasia" applies SOLELY to pets who are dying, and possibly suffering, with no hope for recovery. The pets will die in days if not hours, so "humane euthanasia" is used to give them some mercy.


Well, "we gave the pet a 'kind' death".

Killing a healthy individual is "kind"???

Only a psychopath would think so.

I guarantee you, if Mr Pacelle or any member of the HSUS has some arrogant jerk coming at THEM with a lethal needle, they would scream bloody murder....they wouldn't stop at the nearest card store to get a Hallmark card thanking their murderer for the "kind" death:

"Though I loved life, and was as healthy as could be
You still went ahead and killed me
What can I say, what can I do?
To show my appreciation to you"

NEVER will you see such a Hallmark card. Bet the ranch on that one, folks.

Thus, like the ASPCA, the HSUS is guilty of engaging in, not only hypocrisy, but the worst kind of hypocrisy: Lethal hypocrisy.

They tell "shelters" to murder pets, feral cats, pit bulls, and call it "kindness" when in fact is the height of being INHUMANE hypocrites.

Inhumane, because killing a healthy living soul is NOT "kind" or "humane". Never has been. Never will be. Period.

Hypocrisy, because the Inhumane Society of the U.S. tells "shelters" to do what they would never want done to THEM or someone THEY love: "Kill 'em and forget 'em".

Thus, the HSUS, while talking about "being humane", "saving precious lives", and "protecting animals", because "It's their world too", their ACTIONS, the only things that matter, are the complete opposite.

They INHUMANELY kill or INHUMANELY tell others to INHUMANELY kill healthy beings. So, the actions of the HSUS contradict their "humane" claims, and they contradict their "'s their world too" claims. Further, KILLING SOMEONE IS AN INEFFECTIVE WAY OF "PROTECTING THEM".

Wayne Pacelle wouldn't want to be treated with such "kind" or "humane" "protection". Nor would any other HSUS employee.

I challenge the HSUS, Wayne Pacelle specifically, to read the following scenario and then answer my question that follows:

Wayne Pacelle, one of his HSUS employees, or someone Mr Pacelle loves, are walking down the street one day. Out of nowhere, a madman comes and jabs them with a lethal needle. They die on the spot.

While on trial, their killer says to the judge:
"Your honor, we live in a cruel world. My victim could have been raped, shot, hit by a bus, died after a long battle with cancer...I can go on and on. So, I did the "humane" thing. I did the "kind" thing. I gave them a "good death". And let me tell you, I don't worry about my victim....because they wont have to worry about possibly suffering in the future. I am doing the thankless work. I gave my victim a "humane" death. Thus, I am a "humane" person, who would like to start my own "humane society" and help to give other humans a "humane" treatment similar to the one I gave my victim."

Question For Mr Pacelle:
Would the above "humane" excuse justify someone's killing of you, an HSUS employee, or someone you love?

ONLY possible answers:

A. "Yes, by citing the word "humane" and mentioning that this is a sometimes cruel world, that excuse would be justifiable, and I would want my killer (or the killer of an HSUS employee, or the killer of someone I love,) to be set free, because he is a humane individual".


B. "No, such madness would not be allowed to be excused. If you end a healthy, precious life, you are a killer, and you are INHUMANE and should be penalized"

What's your answer Mr Pacelle?

If you answer "A", you are a liar, or not in full control of your mental faculties.

If you answer "B", you and your HSUS are hypocritical, INHUMANE killers, who need to become 100% no kill...not just in word, but in action.

For, the act of killing a healthy precious, living soul is the complete OPPOSITE of being "humane" or "kind".

You know it. I know it. A paper towel knows it.

Get your act together, please, and become humane, not just in words, but in actions.

Until then, you will remain INHUMANE.

Saving lives is humane. Killing someone is INHUMANE, and being inhumane is NOT in your job description.

Thanks for reading my concerns.

I hope you have the courage to actually BECOME humane, rather than just having "humane society" artistically printed on a t-shirt.

And rest assured, if someone was treating you in the same Inhumane manner in which you kill shelter pets, or in which you tell "shelters" to inhumanely kill "shelter" pets, I'd be there to defend YOUR right to life too.

After all, "It's your world too".


Matthew DeLuca
No Kill. For Life.

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