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15 October 2011

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The Truth About Hoarding Animals

Killers are desperate. When someone wants to kill, they'll go to great lengths to do so. Just look at the 9/11 hijackers.

Things are no different in the war to save pets from the failures of society who wish to murder them, than they are in trying to save humans from becoming victims of the failures who engage in "Holy War."

A lot of excuses from 'false prophets' are used to try and get the killers sympathy for their lethal cause.

One great example: The now DISPROVEN 'pet overpopulation' myth.

That's correct, it was a myth, parroted by the killers in hopes of getting away with murder.

We now know, however, that there IS NO 'pet overpopulation' problem.

There are SEVEN TIMES MORE homes than there are shelter pets being murdered.

Translation: The pets are being murdered needlessly, because there are plenty of homes, regardless of how much society has swallowed the sugar coated myths spoon fed to them by the killers.

Let's now disprove another myth that those who wish to see pets dead rather than alive, like to regurgitate, regardless of the fact that they know it's a lie.

Hoarding. PETA, especially, have been spewing the "no-kill shelters are hoarders" myth. This simply goes to show just how little Peta and the other "Kill pets instead of saving them" zombies know about saving lives (I guess because they're too busy ending lives, they don't have time for the truth of the matter to take precedence over killing.)

There is what is known by any educated pet lover and no-kill advocate, a proven method of life saving alternatives to the killing, called The No-Kill Equation. The No-Kill Equation is a BLUEPRINT for shelters to use to stop the killing. It lists the Programs, PROVEN programs that have enabled shelters to become no-kill, if their shelter directors are true animal lovers who want to stop the killing.

Let's have a look at some of the programs that form the No-Kill Equation.....I think that you'll find them revealing, not just in how full of compassion, and common sense they are, but how they are completely the OPPOSITE of what the killers want you to think they are.

A vital part of the No-Kill Equation is implementing TNR (Trap, Neuter (or Spay) and Return) Programs. TNR Programs ALONE keep an estimated 80% of pets out of shelters, because feral cats take up roughly 80% of shelter space. The importance of this cannot be overemphasized: If you keep 80% of shelter pets OUT of shelters, you are:

1. SAVING 80% of shelter pets!

2. Keeping 80% of the cages in the shelter UNOCCUPIED, leaving MORE room for MORE pets, and thus giving THOSE pets a chance at being adopted rather than killed, thereby increasing the chances that MORE lives will be saved, which will then INCREASE adoptions, thus saving MORE lives, because it is well known that pet lovers are more likely to go to a true that actually wants to save pets, and pet lovers are more likely to stay away from the concentration camps disguised as 'shelters', because frankly, who wants to go see countless pets who the 'shelter' has already decided are going to be killed? People would rather go to a happy, life PRESERVING place (a true shelter) than a place that snuffs out precious lives. It's common sense, and it's a fact.

Saving lives breeds more lives saved.

Killing breeds more killing.

Furthermore, another vital Program that is part of the No-Kill Equation, are Foster Home Programs.

Foster Home Programs are essential because they:

1. Save precious lives, because the precious souls aren't killed, but instead get extra time to find a loving family.
2. Yet MORE cages in the shelter are freed up, to shelter MORE Pets which will increase the chances that MORE PETS will be saved.


Pet Rescue Groups:

Saves the lives of pets, because the rescuers adopt the pets into loving homes, thus serving the life-saving goal and also serving the goal to free up even more shelter space, for even more pets to be adopted, rescued, fostered, etc. which in turn allows even more pets to be saved, via adoptions, foster programs, rescue, etc.

I can go on and on, but I already have put forth enough proof to officially declare the "no-kill shelters hoard pets" lie as a myth.

Think about it this way:




And there are MORE programs of the No-Kill Equation that also do the same, such as increasing adoption events, and shelter operating hours so that someone who works from 9-5 (typical shelter operating hours for many 'shelters') can actually adopt a pet during the week, without having to worry about the 'shelter' staff rushing home at the stroke of 5 o'clock, thereby leaving working men and women with little chance of saving a pet by going to the 'shelter' only to see a sign saying "Sorry we're closed". These 'shelters' should remain open much longer if the staff were serious about saving lives.

So, the question that is begging for an answer is this:

How the heck can these pet murderers lie and claim that no-kill shelters 'hoard' pets, when the essence of the No-Kill Equation is to FREE UP SHELTER SPACE by keeping pets out of the shelters, or by increasing the number of pets being adopted from the shelter by leaps and bounds (via Foster Homes, Rescue Groups, Adoption Events, TNR Programs) and thus, keeping pets safe from death?

The answer is simple. To tell the truth is bad for business, and bad for the disgraceful 'shelter' operators and 'animal welfare' Wolves in Sheeps clothing, who wish to remain in the year 1911, rather than embrace the reality of the modern, life saving, no-kill shelter programs that exist in 2011.

If a group chooses to kill pets rather than saving them, admitting the successful, logical, rational and humane alternatives offered by the No-Kill Equation is counter-productive to their outdated "kill them and forget them" philosophy, which would prove the killers wrong, and leave them with zero credibility, which, in turn leaves them with far fewer donations, until they inevitably become obsolete.

Oh and ask yourself this question: If a hoarder who loves animals, has a no-kill shelter down the street, are they NOT more likely to give the pets to the true shelter, than they would to the kill 'shelter' who was going to kill the animals they gave them?

Of course they are going to choose the no-kill shelter.

Sometimes hoarders have an illness. But some times, they intend and do take good care of pets in the beginning. They just get overwhelmed by keeping too many pets because the 'shelter' down the block kills pets and the hoarders dont want to send them to be murdered, thus the reason for hoarding.

If the hoarders had a no-kill shelter down the street to turn to for help, we would see hoarding cases decline at an incredible rate.

Thus, it is not no-kill shelters, who are responsible for hoarding, but quite the contrary, it is the KILL 'shelters' and groups like PETA, the ASPCA and the HSUS who support kill 'shelters', who are responsible for hoarding.

And down the commode goes another myth created by the pet murderers..

For More info:



Ten Reasons Your Shelter Should Consider No Kill


source Mathew Deluco, from Nathan Winograd

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