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April 17, 2012

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Table of Contents

  1. Help save orangutans
  2. Wolf Torture and Execution Continues in the Northern Rockies
  3. Dog Temperament Testing
  4. Right to hunt vs. animal rights: Legends of the fall
  5. The rescue of a falcon and snake locked together!
  6. Red Meat Consumption Linked to Increased Risk of Total, Cardiovascular, and Cancer Mortality
  7. No Kill: Not Only The Humane Choice, But The Right Choice
  8. PETA finds cosmetic companies deceptive, secretly testing products on animals
  9. New Sled Dog Code of Practice Issued
  10. Techniques and Hygiene Practices in Slaughtering and Meat Handling
  11. No imagination, no morals: Liz Jones's Dismal verdict on Kanye West's 'ghastly' fur-filled Paris show
  12. THIRD Central Park carriage horse collapses in just six weeks on busy New York street
  13. The Seal Hunt is All But Dead, Thank Activists
  14. Learn why No Kill Revolution is the correct and only choice for your local shelter: Four myths that allow the paradigm of killing shelter animals

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