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February 26, 2013

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Remembering The Last Golden Dust Bunny

By Brianna Hughs - 2006

golden dust bunny dog loyalty

The grieving dog lies upon the cool, barren floor,
His head pressed low between two splayed paws.
Golden fur spews out in tatters beside him.
His eyelids hang low like a basset hound
And he stares blankly into space.
Waiting, listening, hoping for her return.....
The familiar chatter of her wheelchair is no more.
He aches for her soft call, only silence replies.
Time becomes vague, a cocoon of loneliness and grief engulfs him.
Wrapped in its tenacious gloom, he remembers.
Many years earlier the man had brought him here,
A young pup, fluffy and round.
He had placed him excitedly beside her on the sofa.
She gathered him up tenderly into her arms.
He was soothed by the gentle love of her crippled hands.
Her smile, her joy, her sweet smell, this he still remembered.
The happy, loving, welcome of her embrace.
It was the beginning of a strong bond.
The woman and the pup....he loved her so.
How she would laugh at his silliness.
He played and showed off...... so proud of his antics.
He would fill the room with clumsy, puppy dances and wild dashes at imagined foes.
Happy in his home he flourished ..... but she..she began to decline.
She had trouble walking and often faltered only to fall upon the floor.
He would tremble beside her crumpled body and worry as she struggled to stand.
He loved her so deeply.
Time passed .................
Often she hid her face behind uncontrolled shaking hands.
Tears slid between her numb fingers, cascading down her arms toward him.
He could hear their whispers, as they told of her sorrow.
Understanding, he loved her even more.....
When she could no longer walk, a wheelchair became her throne.
His Queen, she would roll toward him.
She talked softly, nuzzling her face in his fur.
And he would smile his doggy grin for her and she was pleased.
The man was with them more, hovering about her, looking sad.
The dog watched in nervous silence, their home became quietly frantic.
Many people came to see her and he paced about protectively.
When they were alone, she spoke often to him, confiding her secret
anguish and fears.
He would press his cold nose against her cheek, his soothing brown eyes searching her face.
The man brought home a new bed, it made funny noises and moved.
The dog stayed close beside her.
She rested all the time within the caves of the blankets,
Her palm no longer caressed his head,
But her tender voice gently stroked the dog's heart,
His tail thumped in response for their souls were as one.
One morning the dog awoke beside her but she didn't respond to his loving nudges.
The man came into the room, spoke to her, touched her face, ran his fingers through her hair
She didn't answer, but lied still upon the bed.
The dog, like a phantom shadow, could only watch.
No one seemed to notice him as the room filled with strangers.
The man left the room and then...then..........
They took Her away.
The snow cringed under the magnitude of tragedy.........
And she was gone.
The man cried, sobbing he reached for the dog.
The dog, confused, snuggled close feeling the strange echoes of gone.
The dog waited, waited for her return.
Four years have passed since they took her away,
But he still waits and grieves, devoted to her, their bond is not broken.
Epilogue: 2010

The old dog lies upon the cool barren floor,
His head nestled between two motionless paws.
Golden fur spews out in tatters beside him.
His eyelids hang low like a basset hound, staring blankly.
Her beloved dog .........
He has gone ... finally, happily, joyfully gone to join her.
She used to dream she could walk .. enjoying the fresh dew kisses of clover under her feet..
Now their prayers are answered and somewhere they are running, the dog and the woman, running free... together.. barefoot in the grass.

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