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From the 20 December 2000 Issue:



I have lived at my residence for about 15 years. I live in the country near Gambier, Ohio. Knox County. I have 2 acres. Until about 7 yrs. ago this was a wonderful place. Then I had new people move in next door. That's when all heck broke loose. Since they moved in I have not been able to have any cats that go outside, and I have had 3 dogs poisoned with antifreeze.

Thank You,


One thing for sure, you have options and you can out smart them.  Let them think you are baffled and then catch them. Though it is expensive, a private detective is your best option. Discreetly hired, they can catch these idiots quickly. See what they suggest you might purchase in the meantime Get an alarm, camera, video camera, motion detector lights, etc., not very expensive if you buy items at discount chain hardware store.... You need to have your dogs SUPERVISED at all times!!!!!!! You need to inspect your property before allowing your dogs outside, to remove and report to police any poisoned food the psycho neighbors may have thrown over fence.

Also build another fence inside the fence you already have. Unfair as it is to have this expense, it is a must as it will keep your pets out of harms way. (Perhaps you could use a stungun or taser for when you catch one of them yahoos on your property!!) Make out a police report and have animals autopsied if this happens again. Get tough and protect your animals. when they see you have caught them, via the private detective, and have the law watching they will be arrested, punished and stopped. LET US KNOW IF YOU HIRE PRIVATE DETECTIVE AND GET AN ARREST, WE WILL WRITE LETTERS TO SUPPORT YOUR EFFORTS.


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