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From 20 June 2001 Issue:

The Hidden Danger of Parvovirus

As pups the Rottweiler dog nurses from is mother.  At this time they receive all of her antibodies and are protected against the threat of many serious disease, one of these being Parvovirus.

Once the young pup has grown and is placed in its permanent home with its human companions, trouble can occur.  It seems the pup can retain the antibodies for the Parvovirus a longer time than other breeds of dogs.

Consequently when the youngster receives their shots the body still retains the antibodies to fight the Parvovirus and fails to produce more.  After a few weeks or months these antibodies, received originally from the mother, leave the body.  The animal now becomes susceptible to Parvovirus.

The Parvovirus will exhibit the following symptoms: loss of appetite, lethargy, often bloody diarrhea and vomiting, and sometimes death.

As this virus can be fatal 50% of the time it is urgent you seek immediate medical care for your dog. Anyone living with a Rottweiler should be aware of this danger and watch your companion animal for any symptoms of this illnesses.

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