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Animals In Print
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21 January 2001 Issue


I received a call about 8 standard poodles that are being kept in a underground basement condition (no light) and haven't been groomed in over a year. This is in NEW JERSEY where the weather is super cold. It just so happens that the person responsible for rescue in this township happens to own these dogs. I understand they have been evicted from their house and may grab the dogs and take them to Florida. The SPCA and State think that since the person responsible for the rescue tells them the dogs are OK, then they are OK. I have pictures of these dogs on this web page

Please go see these dogs and then please call the following people and complain. Let's do a telephone campaign to save these dogs.

SO PLEASE CALL THE FOLLOWING NUMBERS AND TELL THEM YOU HAVE SEEN PICTURES OF THESE DOGS AND THEY NEED TO BE RESCUED. These dogs belong to Stephanie + peter Phillips. they are breeders of toy, standard poodles and pugs. they are from Jefferson township Morris county nj. He is head groomer for pet co in Totowa nj,she was animal control officer for Jefferson township. these eight standard poodles live in a horse stall on a dirt floor with no bedding in the back of the barn. this is built into the back of a hill giving only a door to get in. NO windows, so they live 23/7 IN THE DARK!!!!!!!!!

Someone says they come once a day to feed them and the three horses. SPCA has given them a warning!!!!! no summons, and they have a few days to clean up, then the Phillips are moving to Florida. lyn ashman from watchung mtn poodle club rescue has contacted SPCA and the humane society stating that a caravan of people will go immediately if they are released for rescue. maybe if enough people exert pressure on the higher ups more will be done to help these obviously mistreated animals.numbers to call: bureau of animal control 609-989-3254 >SPCA of Morris county 24/7 hotline 973-625-2670

thanks for your prompt attention to this matter
Ann Addison

PLEASE read the post below then go to and look at these poor animals. These people may be headed for Florida and they call themselves rescue. Even if they get busted before they leave they may try to gather more animals when they get to wherever they are going. REMEMBER their names and DO NOT TRUST them PLEASE!! Also notify ALL rescue people you know to be on the watch for these people. They may head to some other state.  

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