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From 21 May 2003 Issue

Does Your Cat Keep You Awake At Night?

Most likely your cat is starved for attention by the time you come home from work. He/she probably sleeps all day, and he/she wants to play by the time you get home. Or else, your cat has tons of energy.

I have two suggestions:

A) Get a companion for your cat, so he/she isn't bored when you are away. This will *really* help make your cat feel less lonely.


Get a big wand (with some frilly string at the end, and EXHAUST your cat by making him/her run in circles, jump, etc. Do this for about 20 minutes a day, or until he/she becomes uninterested or bored, right before you go to sleep. Then promptly hide the wand or toy in a very discreet place. You don't want kitty to be playing with it while you are asleep.

(*) Last of all, do you live in a studio apartment? If not, play with the cat as suggested above, and just shut your door at night and lock the cat out of the room for five days if she/he wakes you up at night. He/she will begin to learn that he/she can only sleep with you, provided that he/she goes to sleep with you.

In summation,

Cats and dogs depend on us for their entertainment. As such, we should go out of our way to play with them every day, or at least give them a companion (a shelter animal would do nicely, especially if you introduce a kitten as a playmate for your older cat).

Hope this helps!


William John Divney

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