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From 24 August 2003 Issue

Activist with an attitude!!
Murdered Kittens.

Quote "What comes around, goes around"

We all know that vague but supposedly reassuring motto. I assume it is supposed to calm our nerves, soothe our anger and help us sit back and let good old mother time take her toll.

Well tick/tock I am the clock and I am the Mother of Revenge and it is lesson time for the heartless.

I have never been one of genteel nature, my father used to tell me my big mouth would get me in trouble one day. I am still waiting for the trouble but it seems I am always taking on some cretin with their sorry a*** excuses for pet abuse.

I work as a hairstylist so I meet a large and varied sector of the public. I meet all kinds, for the most part I have wonderful clients, but this past summer I was shocked by a (?) lovely lady's outrageous and despicable actions.

  This story began a year ago when she began sharing accounts of a couple feral cats she had began feeding and sheltering outside her home. She and her husband seemed very committed to these cats during the winter. All of this changed last spring when the female cat became pregnant. Mysteriously the male disappeared? In May the kittens were born.

From the start I made it quite clear I would take the kittens and place them in loving, and secure homes.  I informed her I was very capable and rescue all the time. (As if she didn't know this.)

Each week I asked about the kittens and as they got a little older she brought in pictures of them. I told her I would take them the week after the Fourth of July.  Many people travel over the holidays and are not interested in adding new additions to their families during this time. Also the fourth is a very frightening time for animals, the fireworks and noises, added to a new environment can be very upsetting.

When she came in to get her hair done, after the fourth, I asked how the kittens were? She replied, "Heavenly." I was pleased they were doing well, then she corrected me, "NO, heavenly," she emphasized. (meaning they were all dead).

To make a long story short, she decided to have the kittens killed.
 After many phone calls she found a vet that would kill the kittens for 38 dollars each. They had all of them killed and were planning to have the mother killed also when a caring person working at this clinic took responsibility for her and her life was spared.

My customer found the additional expense of 38 dollars apiece to "dispose" of the little bodies too expensive, so her husband brought them home and buried them.

Now I was beyond shocked, sickened and furious. (So were my coworkers.) She knew full well I was going to take the kittens and she seemed to enjoy telling me all the details, even adding that no one wanted them. I kept telling her I had repeatedly said I would take and keep them at my home until I found loving families for each kitten. She acted like I was a nonentity or inadequate, not up to the task. She was arrogant and smug! She loved watching me react to the deaths/murders. I truly think she was testing my commitment to the AR. Obviously she though her money talked and I would smile sweetly and pocket my big bucks!

Little did she know "the Buck Stops here!"

  After she left the shop the scene of the kittens last living/dying experience played over and over in my head. As the kittens were so small, I wondered if they had used the heartstick on them, the worst death. I pictured them playing, so innocent, as she called vets planning their deaths.  The thoughts just sickened me.

But beyond all of those thoughts was that sweet little friend of mine. "REVENGE."

Like The Perfect Storm, The Perfect Revenge, what could I do?

"Lesson time."
Compassion is in Fashion: Part 1

Now I certainly don't advocate physical confrontations, illegal actions or violence but I can make a point and avenge a wrong if given a chance. It wasn't hard to formulate my plan.  I simply would never do her hair again. I did a wonderful job on her hair and it never looked better, she had been very happy with her appearance.

  I sent her a registered letter, snail mail, and told her how I felt about what she and her husband did to those innocent babies that trusted and loved them. I told her I thought it was best we not see each other anymore as it would compromise my morals and self respect.

I heard from a neighbor that her hair looks awful and she isn't happy with it, (hahahahaha) and everytime she looks in the mirror I know she has to see the consequences of her actions.

"Four little kittens, lost more than their mittens, and I began to cry.
Now those four little kittens, snuggle up in God's mittens, and the killers later will fry."



Linda Beane: Activist with an attitude! Tic/Toc.

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