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From 24 December 2001 Issue

Cruelty At Robeson County Pound

PETA has been in contact with regard to deplorable living conditions, improper handling and care, and cruel killing procedures at the Robeson County pound.  When PETA learned that workers were killing animals using painful "heart sticks," the organization paid to send three Robeson county employees to euthanasia training.  County officials repeatedly assured the public and PETA that the shelter would, from then on, only use painless intravenous injections to euthanize animals and would use their training to handle the animals gently.

But undercover footage, taken just days ago, tells a far different story.  Workers three of whom PETA sent to euthanasia training are shown plunging a needle into the sensitive tissue around animals’ hearts while the animals are fully conscious, an illegal killing technique condemned by the American Veterinary Medical Association because the injection can cause pain penetrating the muscles surrounding the heart.  Animals are killed in plain view of one another in an assembly-line fashion, dropped, slapped, stepped on, pinned to the ground, left to convulse, and thrown into a wheelbarrow on top of dying and dead animals while they are still alive.  The video shows a cat suspended by a catchpole noose tight around her neck, the stick propped against the wall, her legs kicking, left to suffer and slowly die, unattended, after she is stabbed in the heart with a needle.

Robeson County’s unwanted animals are entitled to basic protections under the state law.  Please contact Robeson County officials immediately.  Tell them to stop permitting pound employees to kill animals because they are unfit to do so humanely and legally and to acquire the assistance of a qualified veterinarian to perform intravenous euthanasia.  Urge them to take action immediately to bring the Robeson County pound up to at least the minimum state requirements.  North Carolina residents, please also write to your legislators today and demand that all county and municipal animal shelters be subjected to inspection and regulation by the state Department of Agriculture, just as privately owned or operated shelters are.

Write to:

Robeson County Commissioners:
Johnny Hunt, Chair
Berlester Campbell
Raymond Cummings
Luther W. Herdon
Gary N. Powers
H.T. Taylor Jr.
Eugene Turner
Noah Woods

Robeson County Courthouse
701 N. Elm St.
Lumberton, NC 28358-4891
Tel.: 910-671-3022
Fax: 910-671-3010

staff: veganradfem

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