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From 24 October 2003 Issue

National Primate Liberation Week
Where will you be October 25th through November 2nd 2003?

100,000 suffering primates
need your help!

Fellow Activists,     Over 52,000 primates (chimpanzees, rhesus monkeys, baboons, squirrel monkeys, etc.) are experimented on every year in the United States.  Another 43,000 are imprisoned in labs for breeding and conditioning.  This brings the total number of primates held captive in laboratories to almost 100,000.    

Many of these primates experience horrible conditions.  Recent government documentation has revealed primates dying in labs of dehydration, wasting diseases, hepatitis, encephalitis, and many other severe illnesses.    

These intelligent animals suffer horribly in experiments that confine them to restraint chairs, place electrodes into their brains, subject them to addictive drugs, and drive them insane from isolation.    

National Primate Liberation Week is the launch of our campaign to end these atrocities once and for all.  We need YOU to make this happen.    

Protest events (rallies, vigils, protests, tabling, etc.) are taking place in 13 cities across the United States.  Activists in San Diego (CA), San Francisco (CA), Portland (OR), Seattle (WA), Salt Lake City (UT),  Madison (WI), Houston (TX), Ann Arbor (MI), Pittsburgh (PA), Boston (MA), New York (NY), Richmond (VA), and Gainesville (FL) are taking to the streets to fight for the end of primate experimentation.    

JOIN US!!!!     Go to: to find the protests that are nearest to you and get involved.      

Go to: to find fact sheets to distribute to everyone you know.  You can set up a literature table from the resources in this section.    

Go to: to print out pictures to use as visual aids.    

The protests are taking place.  The picket signs are ready.  The media will be contacted.  The only missing ingredient is YOU.    

Please go to for all the information you need about animal experiments.    

Where will you be October 25th - November 2nd?    

For more information, contact Stop Animal Exploitation NOW! at [email protected] or 513-575-5517.

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