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24 September 2002 Issue

Animals suffer in science's name

Recently the media aired documentation alleging al-Qaida members tested chemical weapons on dogs.  Reporters warned viewers beforehand that it was very disturbing and sickening to watch as the suffering of defenseless animals occurred.

Why is it such a shock for anyone to see defenseless dogs suffering so much in another country when here in America we treat companion animals to the same fate daily?

Our public still ignores the fact that our tax dollars are used to torture dogs so we can have more hairsprays, cleaners, paints and tobacco-smoking experiments.  Did we forget that dogs in laboratories all over our own country are suffering just as much as those dogs we saw on our television screen the other evening?

We are considered a more educated and advanced country, yet we turn our backs on the torture done to animals in our country, at the same time accepting the reasons given, which are for "science."

So while the world is surprised to see the cruel poisoning to defenseless dogs in a barbaric country, do not forget your own is responsible for these same actions. Can we condemn one and sanction the other for the same crimes against animals?

Those who found this film clip to be disturbing, cruel and unforgettable should find it unacceptable in any country, including our own.

Lisa Marie Tabor

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