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Animals In Print
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From 25 June 2002 Issue

Emily,  PRRRRfect Paws For Thought

Journal Entry 1

I couldn't say I knew too much on animal abuse.  I was against it for sure
but I wasn't what you would call up to date.  I knew what it was, basically,
but the more I read and the more I researched the more I realized I didn't
have a clue.  It was torture, literal torture.  It broke my heart.  It made me
feel sick.  

I remember watching a show on Animal Planet and seeing a mama
possum being brought in.  As I continued watching I realized she had a pouch
of babies and that she had been set on fire.  I guess two teenage boys thought
it would be a fun thing to do.  Whether they knew she was pregnant or not
didn't give them the right to torture that poor dear.  If I recall correctly
they all died.  Just for two ignorant boys to have "fun."  I think of that case
every now and then and realize how sick the world actually is.

I don't see any reason for abuse on animals, there isn't any. There are so
many animals out there that go to sleep at night in pain, if they are lucky
to go to sleep at night at all.  If they do live to sleep they may not wake
for the morning because they are starving and covered with ticks.  What gives
a pet owner the right to determine the fate of one of God's creatures?  Is it
the fact they can't afford the animal?  That they just don't have the time to
care for it?  Those aren't rights they are excuses, pretty poor ones too if
you ask me.

I am just starting my path of fighting for animal rights. When I start to
wonder how much more I can stomach and how much more I can take I think of the animals. How much more can they take? How many more days can they go without food? How much more beating can they take? Therefore I realize someone has to stomach it, for the sake of the animals. Why not me?
-Emily Dunay-

Staff: [email protected]

If you are what you eat does that make you dead meat?
-seen on shirt from Pangea Vegan products-

Editors note; Emily is new to our staff.  She will be documenting her
experiences and thoughts as she learns more about the animal issue that
confront ARs.  Emily has always been a very caring and compassionate girl but until she joined OHEA  ( )  her exposure to animal cruelties was limited.

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