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From 26 December 2003 Issue

New Puppy?
Training Your New Addition to the Family

First be careful you don't make a fairly large mistake by showering the "new" pup with so much attention.  It will give other pets a serious demotion in rank, and promoting the pup over an older dog...a big no no.  The pup is old enough to be trained to "work" for attention..."sit", give paw, lie down, etc., for EVERY pat on the head.  

The new pup should NOT be allowed in the master bedroom until the older dog has accepted his presence in the home.  FREE attention should be given to the older dog.  His confidence has been seriously affected and he is DEPRESSED.  The older dog should be patted first, fed first, taken out first, etc. and treated as if his "rank" has not changed one bit.  The new pup will be a much better companion if he falls in line behind everyone else, and making him earn everything will merely encourage his personal confidence in the home and help him to understand that he is NOT the "top" dog.

Housebreaking at any age should be done just as if this were a new 10 week old pup.  Pick UP the newspapers from inside the house.  Place the newspapers on a grass area OUTSIDE the house.  Bring the pup out every two to three hours, on leash, to the newspapers.  When he eliminates, reward with small cookie treat.  Keep this up until the dog clearly understands what he's out there for, then slowly increase time periods between outings (every 4 hours, then every 5, with at least four outings a day.)  IF the pup soils indoors, IGNORE it.  Clean thoroughly with Nature's Miracle.  WATCH the pup, keep him in the room with you.  Dogs always repeat behaviors that are rewarded and he will soon choose to go outside.

Jill Connor, Ph.D.

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