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From 26 November 2003 Issue

On Thanksgiving Night

Editors note; Email submission for newsletter from one of our younger subscribers. Please read this sweet voice that gives hope to our future and the AR movement.

On Thanksgiving night, I'm sure YOU'LL have a turkey. I won't.

On Thanksgiving, we are supposed to give thanks to everything we are glad to
have in our lives. I am thankful for animals. It's a shame that they are abused, I'm definitely not thankful for the abuse they receive. So, why in heck would I eat a turkey on Thanksgiving? Don't turkeys get slaughtered enough on this day? Why should you add to those poor turkeys' horror?

Yes, I know eating turkey on Thanksgiving is a tradition. But think of the
turkeys for a moment.

Join me in a vegetarian dinner on Thanksgiving Day.


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