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27 January 2004 Issue

Update: Animal Abuse in Ark Case - Please send letters

The sample letter below is lengthy because it contains both background information and current information re this case to update others.  Please be polite when you personalize the letter.  When you forward this alert to others who wish to help by sending letters,  please do not re-word/edit/add to the sample letter as the information should remain as is.   Thank you.
Lisa Marie
[email protected]

More info:
Please Contact:
Honorable Terri Harris - Garland County Prosecutor
Fax:  (501) 321-2592
Main Office Phone: (501) 321-2556
Honorable Steve Oliver - Garland County Prosecuting Attorney
501 Ouachita Avenue
Hot Springs, AR 71901
Main Office Phone: (501) 622-3720
Garland County Sheriff's Department
Larry Selig - Sheriff
Email: [email protected]

525 Ouachita Ave.
Hot Springs, Ark. 71901
Main Office Phone: (501) 622-3660
Sample Letter-Information:
  On September 17, 2002, Derek A. Dunaway of Hot Springs, Arkansas, was arrested after he allegedly gave a written statement to the Garland County sheriffs’ investigators, admitting to having sexual relations with his dog.

The above incident came to light when an out-of-state resident who learned of Dunaway’s actions through Internet communications reported a complaint to animal welfare and law enforcement agencies.  The information given was specific enough that authorities were able to identify Dunaway as a suspect.

Dunaway was charged for his admitted attacks towards his dog that according to the news reports, was found by Katherine Bolton, DVM, to be “(severely)” bleeding from the colon”.   Dunaway was subsequently convicted, his dogs were put in the custody of a humane society, and his sentence included a prohibition on owning or harboring animals for one year (the second half of the order was to run from June 6-2003 through December 6-2003).

In November 2003, Hot Springs Animal Services allegedly responded to a neighbor’s report of a dog screaming from the vicinity of Dunaway’s residence.  When officers arrived, they reportedly found a dog in Dunaway’s charge, dead from causes unapparent.  Animal Service supervisor Dan Bugg stated that a necropsy was performed and that “trauma could not be ruled out”.   It appears that Dunaway violated court orders by having this animal in his resident at that time.

It has also been reported by authorities that Dunaway recently surrendered a female dog that was in heat, to the Garland Humane Society.  A veterinary exam reportedly determined that sperm was present in the animal’s vaginal cavity and it is my understanding that at the request of the Garland county prosecutors office, the sample in question was to have been analyzed to determine whether the origin was of human of animal.  Results are pending.

Further, it has been reported that Dunaway allegedly has at this time, three other dogs in his charge. It is unknown  if these dogs have been examined by any law enforcement official for possible trauma constituent with non-canine penetration. 

If Dunaway has broken the courts orders then he apparently does not take them seriously and it is possible that he will not take seriously, the enormity of what he has done in the past and may do in the future.

I am asking that the animals in question be taken into protective custody because their safety should be everyone’s concern based on the past evidence and because of Dunaway's admitting of his past behavior towards animals.  I am also asking that the authorities involved in this case take action against Dunaway should he be found to have been in contempt of court when the alleged dead dog was found in his home during what would have been his probation period.

 Thank you for your time.

-Your Name-

staff: [email protected]  

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