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27 July 2001 Issue


kodi1.gif (34233 bytes)SELF EMPOWERMENT

Many of us do not recognize our own power. In this issue I plan to present a four step method of activism. Easy, low cost efforts that can get any AR on the road to exploring their own abilities.

alligator.gif (12407 bytes)1) DIET CHANGES

1) The first step is easy, make a diet change, become a vegan.

There are four stages to becoming vegan and you can progress at your own speed.

1) Pesco-Lacto-Ovo: you remove meat from your diet but continuing to eat, eggs, fish and dairy products.

2) Lacto-ovo, you now discontinue all meat but continue to consume dairy and eggs.

3) Lacto: Lacto vegetarians, now you only eat dairy foods, or you may chose the alternative Ovo: Ovo vegetarians don't eat dairy but they do eat eggs.

4) Vegan: you finally have discontinued all meant, eggs and dairy from your diet.

Congratulations, you are now saving lives, ending suffering and contributing to your own good health.

kodi1.gif (34233 bytes)2) RESCUE

While we cannot save every animal we see, there is certainly a great opportunity to help many. Form friendships within your local animal shelters, volunteer, help at fund raisers, try to foster at least one animal when possible.

If you have an animal that needs fostering, board them at you vets. Have the animal inoculated, given its proper shots and a physical. Get the animal spayed or neutered.

Visit each day, if possible take the animal out for walks in your own yard for some exercise and companionship.

Place an ad in the newspaper, don't be afraid to charge a healthy amount. Seventy-five to one hundred dollars is a fair price for a spayed or neutered pet with all shots. This encourages sincere people that are looking to enlarge their family with a wonderful companion such as your foster animal.

Always make sure the home you place the pet in is completely satisfactory. If you have any qualms don't sell the animal. The most important thing is to find a committed family. Your foster companions' future happiness and safety depends completely on your wise decisions. Don't rush, the right home will be found.

alligator.gif (12407 bytes)KEEP PHONE NUMBERS HANDY

Always keep the phone numbers of your local vet, emergency hospital, wildlife rescue, animal warden, animal shelters and other important numbers available


New Toll-free Poison Control Number

The ASPCA has a new poison control hotline phone

number for pets. If you have reason to suspect that

your pet may have been exposed to something toxic,

either internally or externally, this phone number

will connect you with an ASPCA veterinarian specially

trained to assist pet owners or other vets.

This is the only dedicated animal poison control

hotline in the world manned by veterinarians, not

telephone operators. The number is staffed 24/7.

(888) 4ANI-HELP or (888) 426-4435

kodi1.gif (34233 bytes)3) EDUCATE YOURSELF AND OTHERS

The best source of knowledge is books. There are many AR books available and below is an example of one such piece of literature. by reading and expanding our awareness you can better inform others and intelligently discuss animal abuse situations. Below are a couple of good books now available:

The Food Revolution by John Robbins

The Food Revolution, the sequel to Diet for a New America, speaks to a nation that is much more savvy about food and health issues than it was in the 1980's and presents the tremendously compelling new information that has come out of research in the fields of nutrition, medicine, and agriculture. Armed with powerful statistics, fascinating discussions, and exposes of false information and its proponents, Robbins argues for people adopting a vegetarian diet for their own well-being as well as that of the planet. Politically charged, the book is unquestionably convincing in its advocacy of a lifestyle that is not only personally beneficial but of critical importance to the world at large. This is a book of health and hope, and it unabashedly makes a pitch for a better world through better eating. Perhaps the most important book of the new century, The Food Revolution presents compelling evidence of how our dietary choices impact our health and the health of our planet. Now, at this time in our culture's history, people in the general population are fairly sophisticated in their knowledge of quite a wide range of issues related to our food choices: the importance of a low-fat diet, the relative importance of whole grains, fruits, and vegetables in daily eating, the connections between certain foods and certain health issues, particularly heart disease and cancer, the dark side of the agricultural business, particularly the beef and chicken industries, and the questions raised by scientific breakthroughs in genetically engineered foods. Reviews and endorsements of this book from many leading figures are available online at

source:[email protected]

kodi1.gif (34233 bytes)ETERNAL TREBLINKA

The book website for ETERNAL TREBLINKA: Our Treatment of Animals and the Holocaust is now officially open.

The website ( ) provides a comprehensive introduction to the book's examination of disturbing parallels between the way the Nazis treated their victims and the way our society treats animals, as well as a look at people on both sides of the Holocaust who have become animal advocates.

The site provides chapter synopses, a list of supporters, early reactions to the idea of the book, the book’s epigraph by Nobel Laureate Isaac Bashevis Singer, and the Foreword by Lucy Kaplan, the daughter of Holocaust survivors.

Dr. Patterson, a social historian and Holocaust educator, is the author of ANTI-SEMITISM: The Road to the Holocaust and Beyond, THE CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT, and co-author with Marian Filar of the forthcoming memoir, ANGEL ON MY SHOULDER: From Concentration Camp to Carnegie Hall.

For further information about ETERNAL TREBLINKA, visit 

alligator.gif (12407 bytes)4)PROTEST

Protest all animal abuses and outrages.

You can do this through letter writing, a very important and powerful tool. Words can paint a thousand pictures. (Every letter received is considered to represent 10,000 others that feel the same as you but haven't written. This makes your voice very loud indeed.)

Protests are also very effective. They get the attention and curiosity of the public. Those unaware of AR objections and goals can be very interested, giving you an opportunity to enlighten people.

Protest are easy to organize. Find others in your area that support the AR causes. Advertise for interested people in your newspaper to form an AR group. Discuss common interests and animal abusive you would like to protest.

Example a circus that features animals visits you city.

Get media attention. Calls television stations, newspapers and other medias.

While protesting, follow the local rules, try to create a positve, effective image. Get noticed and make your name and cause known.

bunny.gif (4495 bytes)SIGN ONLINE PETITONS

Sign online petions such as follows:Panama City Bch Cruely Forces Pets From Their Home:  


South Carolina Sheriff Allows Animal Abusers to Get Away With Murder:  


End Experiments On Monkeys:  


Ask National Peanut Board to Stop Animal Cruelty:  


Ask CIGNA To Stop Animal Cruelty:  


Tell March of Dimes To Stop Animal Experimentation:  


Procter and Gamble Poisoning Animals:  

alligator.gif (12407 bytes)WRITE LETTERS

The following is a current abuse situation. Please a help us by protesting this abuse. DUSTY

Dusty, a Labrador-Dalmatian, was scheduled for euthanasia after his first humans dumped him at the city pound. He eluded death by a mere 24 hours and found hope at the Granite City APA. One of the most popular puppies at the no-kill shelter, Dusty was lovingly released to his new home. That home included a young child. Dusty was left *unattended* with that young child, an almost 3 year old boy. The toddler, being a toddler, provoked Dusty and he nipped at him. The toddler was injured and required two stitches.

What should have happened in this situation was to confine the dog, tend to the bite, and call animal control or another shelter to ask for assistance on how to handle this to prevent future biting?

Instead of taking responsible actions, nearly 10 hours later, a 32 year old, Michael Welch (the toddlers father), came home from work with a sledgehammer, baseball bat, and vengeance on his mind.

Welch took Duty, chained him to a pole then took that sledgehammer and that baseball bat and beat Dusty for an hour, took a "beer break" and proceeded back to the blood spattered patio where he continued to beat the whimpering dog.

Though neighbors heard Dusty's piteous yelps, Welch's wife and 3 children slept through the ordeal.

Neighbors who heard the dog screaming, finally, called police but it was too late. Dusty was dead.

Police were unable to recognize Dusty as a dog because of the viciousness of the beating. They were finally able to identify him because of his dog tag.

On Saturday, June 9th, in St. Louis MO. from 12:30 am - 3:15 am Dusty, the most loved dog in the shelter, suffered a horrible, miserable death at the hands of his *guardian*.

No one helped, no one heard. Dusty died alone, blood spattered and broken.

Welch claims this was an "accident".

We at Nuzzled would like to know at which point this became an accident.

When Welch "accidentally" left his son unattended with Dusty? When Welch "accidentally" brought home a sledgehammer? When Welch "accidentally" picked that sledgehammer up and beat Dusty with it? Or when Welch was "accidentally" caught?

This was no accident. This is a case of premeditated murder! Michael Welch knew full well what he was doing. He knew the minute he left work with sledgehammer in tow.

We cannot let this "man" get away with Dusty's murder!

Please contact the prosecutor and ask that Michael Welch receive the MAXIMUM SENTENCE for this brutal act. Ask him to send a clear message that this type of cruelty will not be accepted.

Robert McCulloch, Prosecutor
100 S. Central Avenue
Clayton, MO 63105
Email: [email protected]  - this email is bouncing. We have no others, please be patient or send hard copied letters and phone calls. Thanks!

Mr. Dale Hood
Prosecuting Attorney's Office
St. Louis County
100 South Central
Clayton, MO 63105


The prosecutors office is fully prosecuting this case. Michael Welch, was in custody, but has been released on $10,000 bond.

Welch has hired a very well-known top former prosecutor named Nels Moss to defend him. Moss will try to get a bunch of continuances to try and wait till all the heat over this dies down before this client gets in front of a judge or jury.

Missouri recently passed an Animal Abuse statute which classifies animal cruelty as a Class A Misdemeanor. However, if "torture or mutilation" is involved (as in this case) the charge is upgraded to a Class D Felony with a $5,000 fine, and 5 year jail term possible.

There is a lot of furor locally about this case, and AR demonstrators have protested outside Welch's home. The Prosecutor's office has been receiving about 100 calls a day on this.

In case anyone wishes to let Michael T Welch know how they feel about what he did to a helpless creature, his address is: 10842 Antrill, DR St. Louis, MO 63123. Phone: 314-845-1827 Meet his neighbors

The first court date for Dusty is July 31st. The division is 42 and the address is 7900 Carondelet Attention

Anyone that knows where Michael Welch's works please contact [email protected] . A demonstration is being planned in front of his workplace if identified.

To send a fax for free, go to:

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