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From 28 July 2002 Issue

Especially Good Foods
 By Earl Wolfe

Many foods are known to have special nutritional significance; others are known to have medicinal properties.  As with herbs, experts disagree as to exactly how important these foods are. If you want more information, or have any doubts, talk to your veterinarian.
Apples: We have all heard the saying, "An apple a day keeps the doctor away." Does that apply to dogs as well?  Some experts think so. Apples are packed with chemicals that have been shown to kill cancers in animals. Apples also inhibit infectious disease and stabilize blood sugar. A slice or two of fresh apple makes a great treat that many dogs will eagerly devour for the fruit's sweetness.
Barley: A grain that has recently been used more frequently in dog foods. Barley is known to improve bowel function and is thought to possible inhibit cancer.
Broccoli: Known to inhibit cancer and is also a great source of many vitamins, including vitamin A.
Carrots: Are a wonderful source of Beta Carotene, but they contain other vitamins and trace minerals as well. Recent reports indicate that enzymes in raw carrots reportedly kill harmful bacteria at the gum line. This harmful bacteria, if not killed is eventually absorbed into the blood system. It then attaches to the valves in the heart causing heart failure.
Cranberry Juice: Known to have beneficial effects on the urinary tract, preventing infections and cystitis. Cranberry juice is also recognized as having strong antiviral properties.
Kelp: It is usually sold dried and ground to a fine powder, often encased in gel capsules. Kelp is an excellent mineral supplement as it is high in iodine, calcium and potassium as well as other trace minerals. Kelp is also known to boost the immune system and kill bacteria. Adds iron to the blood.
Yeast: Is a well-known food supplement; in fact, many dog foods contain yeast as a primary ingredient. Yeast is fungi grown in a fermentation of carbohydrates and is high in vitamins and minerals, especially the B vitamins. Brewer's yeast is the most nutritious of the different kind of yeasts available.
Ginger: Ginger root can be used to counter the effects of motion sickness (car and sea sickness). The average dosage is one knuckle of the root. This can be mixed into food or just chewed.

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