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28 March 2001 Issue

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Important Petitions You May Have Missed

Please visit the below links and add your name!

Urge the FDA to stop animal testing!  

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Stop the Surgical Beak Alteration of Parrots  

Stop Breeding & Selling Exotic Animals In Texas[email protected]$2  

Ban Euthanasia Of Healthy Shelter Animals'[email protected]$2  

Save the St. Bernards  

Stop the Recycling of Pets into Food  

Against unnecessary cropping of dog's ears[email protected]$2  

Pet Mills & Pet Stores, Education through Media  

Stop the Torture of Primates in the Netherlands  

[email protected]   (^..^ Lisa Marie ^..^)

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Voices raised together in mutual thoughts echo aimlessly through the crowd. Smiling faces, nod and yawn, lost in the vacant boring mantras, all speaking, no one hearing.

Then comes the bold, lone voice that speaks softly of new directions and of their own individual truths and ideas. The words, spoken quietly, roar across the room.

The crowd, once busy chatting, listens, and at last they hear.

Thus it is not the sound of the engine purring that catches your ear, but the knocking of something wrong, the insidious truths that will not rest. Speak always your own mind, whisper, you will be heard.

Linda Beane

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The abuse of defenseless animals by humans is indeed an indicator of egos that respond positively to acts of cowardliness. That they are eternally an embarrassment to themselves and despicable fools to the compassionate and brave is their only accomplishment.

As the blood of the innocent bleeds so does the perpetuators fetid souls, lost forever in their own shame and weakness.

Linda Beane

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There are areas where you could help make a difference and help the battle against trappers fur farms and many fur stores.

Visit the CAFT web site at: 

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The Email 2 Prisoners Project


The Email 2 Prisoners project allows anyone who has access to the internet to send email to animal liberation prisoners -- its easy, and anyone OVER 18 YEARS OF AGE can do it!

Email 2 Prisoners is simple: compose and send your letter to [email protected]  with the prisoner that you would like it directed to in the subject line. A.L.F.S.G. members will forward your messages on to the respective prisoners!

Important considerations before you write:

All Email 2 Prisoners letters will be confidential, but please realize email is not secure and can possibly be read by third parties.

All incoming mail to prisons is read and inspected by prison authorities.

-Please be sure to include a regular postal address in your letter if you want a prisoner to reply -- the prisoners are not on email! Please do not expect a reply through the internet.

Up-to-date prisoner listings can be found at (As well as updates and developments in the project)

What are you waiting for? send some Email 2 Prisoners today!

Project coordinated by the: North American A.L.F. Supporters Group

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