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From 28 May 2002 Issue



1.   Animal care brochure from the South Korean Ministry of Agriculture.

2.   Our current campaign against pro-dogmeat lobbyists 
    (change of name and contact information)

3.   Daily Mail of UK News article by David Jones

4.   The Evening Standard news articles from UK

5.  Sample Letters to Send to Korea

1.  Ministry of Agriculture Brochure "Animals are our Friends"

The South Korean Ministry of Agriculture has recently published a brochure entitled "Animals are our Friends." A photograph showing a little boy and a golden retriever walking side by side down a long road ahead of them graces the cover.

The inside flap contains a poem "A Puppy's Prayer" about a puppy who tells his owner how to love him and treat him well.  "I only live 10-15 years so love me until I die/Don't hit me or punish me/Trust me, love me..."

The next section contains information on Working dogs and the problem of abandoned animals in Korea.  Below that, in an inset, is an excerpt from the Animal Protection Law: "Without any rational reason, one cannot cruelly kill any animal/Keeper of animals cannot abandon animals without good reason / No one shall kill any animals in a way that is cruel or provokes disgust...They will be prosecuted..."

The third page contains a light-hearted story of a strange puppy born green and how to make sure you get a healthy puppy when you want to buy or adopt one.

Finally, the back of the brochure explains how humans can benefit from learning from animals and how having a dog as a companion can help us through our loneliness and grief.   There are also brief descriptions of the national dog breeds of Korea: jindo-gae, sapsal-gae, and poonsan-gae as well as ways to care for your dog or cat.

OUR RESPONSE:  While we believe that this is a good step towards change in the attitudes that Koreans in general have about companion animals, we also believe, for good reason, that this brochure is simply a cover-up by the Korean government.  It is a way to pacify those angered by the recent news of the cruelty inflicted upon dogs and cats in the marketplaces.   We see this brochure, very nicely laid out, and compare that to the images of the dog meat marketplaces.  Needless to say, the conflicting stories are not hard to miss.

 Kyenan Kum
 International Aid for Korean Animals
 Korea Animal Protection Society
 P.O. Box 20600, Oakland, 94620-0600, USA 
 [email protected]

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