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From 29 January 2002 Issue

ROLDA Romania Dogs

We are ROLDA, a small group from Romania who are fighting for dogs protection.

For some months terrible things are happening with those poor souls.  Street dogs (without a owner or losts) are taken by flayers and killed with bestiality.

All this slaughter begin in Bucharest, when The Mayor of Bucharest, Traian Basescu, order all dogs without owner be caught and killed.  The flayers make "disappear" more than 150,000 dogs in few weeks, didn't care about the fact those dogs have been sterilized (some of them) few time ago.  Flayers killed them all!  They beat dogs to their death, broke their head with stones, they poisoned dogs .

In all this time, an aggressive campaign from mass-media make some peoples from here act inhuman: there are here several cases when peoples shoot dogs, poison dogs because they "think" dogs represent a real danger for humans.

I view some  terrible scenes with my own eyes, when a lame dog was beaten with the foot by a man, because he believed the dog would bite him.  But the dog couldn't even move from there.

I saw also flayers that have beat dogs to their death with big sticks, I saw dogs skinned alive.  The most cruel thing happened a little time ago, when a child, in the morning viewed lots of poisoned dogs (the flayers killed them the night before).  Between those dogs was Blackie, the puppy who came very often near the child's apartment and received food and water from him.  I hardly can describe the pain from those innocent eyes, the disappointment that he lost his friend.  He couldn't understand "why?"  And even I.

The slaughter from Bucharest moved, step by step in other big cities, where same things are happening, but it is very much more quiet.  Nobody seems to do or even to say something about it.  Around this slaughter, everything seems to freeze.  AND IT ISN'T ONLY A SLAUGHTER AGAINST DOGS, IT IS A SLAUGHTER AGAINST THE IDEA OF BEING HUMAN.

We like to believe that we are superior, that we can move mountains with the power of our minds but when it's about real solutions for homeless dogs from here, the irony was we found the "best solution":  Get rid of them.  Eliminating the cause, we must not think too much to find solutions.  HOW CONVENIENT!  In Romania  the corruption is very high, everyone steals from everyone, who care about dogs anymore?  SOME OF THOSE CREATURES ARE STILL ALIVE AND DESERVE TO BE TREATED THE BEST AS WE CAN, TO NOT BEING SHAME WE ARE CALLING OURSELVES "HUMANS".

Rolda think now ,more than ever it's time to act somehow.  We believe the best solution to save as much dogs as we can from authorities' way, is  to build a shelter, in which homeless dogs will be sterilized, vaccinated and live without fear the rest of their lives.  For
building a shelter we need more than ideas, the willing of help, we need...funds.

At this point, Rolda is asking for help.
For any suggestion or contribution, visit our site:

or write directly to [email protected]
ROLDA Staff.

Staff: [email protected] (Lisa Marie)

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