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From 29 October 2002 Issue


What arrogance humans have to think that lobsters do not suffer terribly when they are boiled or cut while alive!  Yet, many people falsely believe
lobsters "feel no pain" (probably because someone else taught them this bit of insanity). OF COURSE THEY FEEL PAIN!

The reason most people feel uncomfortable cooking and eating lobsters at home is that we KNOW that cutting, boiling or broiling ANYONE alive has got to be excruciatingly painful, involving an intense amount of prolonged suffering.  Most humane persons do not want to be the cause of such horrendous animal suffering, so we do not order lobster when dining either in or out.

Some lobster facts from PETA....


LOBSTERS ARE SENSITIVE BEINGS who cherish their lives and struggle against death.  Dr. Loren G. Horsely, an invertebrate zoologist, states
that a lobster has a "sophisticated nervous system" and feels pain when cut or

LOBSTERS CARRY THEIR YOUNG FOR NINE MONTHS and have a long childhood and awkward adolescence.

LOBSTERS, LIKE DOLPHINS, USE COMPLICATED SIGNALS to establish social relationships.

SOME LOBSTERS ARE RIGHT-HANDED and some are left-handed.  They  have been observed walking hand-in-hand, the old leading the young.

LOBSTERS TAKE LONG-DISTANCE SEASONAL JOURNEYS and can cover 100 miles or more each year.

LOBSTERS CAN LIVE 145 YEARS or longer if they survive the world's most devastating predator - the human being.


Were you aware of these wonderful lobster facts?  The lobster industry certainly doesn't want you to know detailed facts regarding the sensitivities, human-like habits and behaviours of lobsters.  They ESPECIALLY do not want you to know that lobsters are often highly contaminated with bacteria and pesticide run-off, and are therefore unhealthy to consume.

Next time you see lobster on a menu, just say NO WAY!  When you see lobster being offered at a restaurant, ask the owner to stop serving up plates of animal suffering.  Tell them you won't dine there until they stop contributing to animal cruelty.

Thank you.

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