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From 31 October 2001 Issue

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Arthritis, The Milk Connection

Anybody in your family suffer from arthritis?  Please share the NOTMILK cure with them.  Advise your loved ones to consume nothing from a cow's udder for just fourteen days.  Is this experiment worth their efforts?

"Rheumatoid arthritis is more severe than osteoarthritis, is most common in the hands and feet, and is characterized by swelling of joints.  Since this type of joint pain can be a symptom of a food allergy, dietary change sometimes has a profound effect.  Dairy products, the most common food allergen, are one likely candidate as a contributing causative factor."

~George Eisman, M.A., M.Sc., R.D., Vegetarian and Vegan Nutrition

"In the case of the eight year old female subject, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis was a milk allergy.  After avoiding dairy products, all pain was gone in three weeks."

~Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine, 1985, 78

"In 1964, I learned of the experiences of Dr. William Deamer of San Francisco.  He had pointed out the frequency of milk protein's casual relationship to musculoskeletal pain in children and especially the so-called `growing pains.'  Since that time, I have had several children with what appeared to be early rheumatoid arthritis relieved and returned to good health by little more than reassurance and careful dietary manipulation."

~Frank Oski, M.D., Don't Drink Your Milk

"Controlled trial of fasting and a one-year vegetarian diet eased symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis."

~The Lancet, 1991, 338

"There is a colossal amount of information linking the consumption of milk to arthritis...and a multitude of other problems as documented by Hannah Allen, Alec Burton, Viktoras Kulvinskas, F. M. Pottenger, Herbert M. Shelton, and N.L. Walker, among others."

~Harvey and Marilyn Diamond, Fit for Life

"In systemic arthritis, like Rheumatoid, the cause is coursing through the blood, and it got there through the diet.  When all of the joints are involved, the cause is not physical, but chemical.  It's usually casein.  I once saw a 65 year old man, Bob, who complained of neck stiffness and headaches. His hands were so stiff and sore.  Bob lived to play golf.  I instructed him to give up all milk and dairy products.  Since giving up dairy products, he no longer experienced pain and headaches, and his hands were also pain-free.  Joy, a 42-year-old woman noticed that her knees were pain-free after eliminating dairy products.  Once, after drinking a glass of milk, her knees swelled within 20 minutes."

Daniel Twogood, D.C., No Milk

Source: Robert Cohen  

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