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From 31 October 2001 Issue



nl-31oct2001-dog_p5.jpg (25540 bytes)As an activist for years now, I have heard and seen more cases of cruelty and inhumanity to God's creatures than I ever wanted to know existed.  It's tough to care so much because the carnage is everywhere -- in every country, including my own USA.  I relate to animals on a level that perhaps other people do not understand, but I pray that someday everyone will, and I truly believe this will come to pass.  nl-31oct2001-dog_p11.jpg (16363 bytes)We inch a little closer every day. (photo-left: dogs crammed into a cage awaiting torture and death - Photo-right: a dog being draged to his or her death)

The wonderful team of Merritt Clifton and Kim Bartlett of  Animal People returned from Korea not long ago after doing what I believe was the most courageous and gut-wrenching story of their lives.  Please take the time to read about these atrocities against cats and dogs (if you can stand it) -- torturing them before killing them to be eaten.  nl-31oct2001-dog_p13.jpg (22934 bytes)The torture is an important part to these animal killers and it is unspeakable.  The myths about dogs and cats are still believed by the Koreans who eat them (believing consumption increases human sexual virility, that purebreds are better and mixed breeds are nothing as they are not "pure," that eating these animals cures illnesses, etc).  (Photo-left: a dog being blow-torched)


nl-31oct2001-dog_p14.jpg (21301 bytes)Even people who still eat meat have a difficult time understanding how anyone can do this.  I should explain that this is not being done by all Korean people and we can still love and appreciate people of other cultures as well as celebrate our differences without condemning an entire population for the crimes of a few. These animal killers are looked down upon by the majority of the Korean people too.  Our country has quite a few skeletons in our closet concerning animals as well as abuse of dogs and cats, which we need to remember before we begin to feel too superior.  The Korean market issue has also been excellently covered in other Animals in Print writings (see June 3, 2001).  My job here I feel is to help persuade you to take action if you have not yet.  (Photo-right: a dog being bludgeoned to death in front of living dogs, which increases their torment)

Can you imagine the fear and pain these living creatures go through before they finally die?  Can you look into the eyes of your beloved dog or cat and do nothing?   Can you imagine your own cat or dog screaming in pain with no one to help while other cats and dogs watch in terror, knowing they will be next?  This torture and killing must stop.  There have been other organizations that have written about this subject as well as other animal writers but we need to keep repeating and educating on this important issue.  (Photo-below left: dog meat!)

nl-31oct2001-dog_p16.jpg (25634 bytes)Well, you know of the problem, now here is the solution.  While this practice is condemned by every humane society or animal rights group, there is one that stands out for its work to protect animals. That organization is SHARK (Showing Animals Respect and Kindness) -- they are at: SHARK!   or
Showing Animals Respect and Kindness
P.O. Box 28
Geneva, IL 60134
(630) 557-0176 (phone) 

In Korea working on animal cruelty with great courage and compassion and overwhelming odds is:

sof-dogmeat2.jpg (38529 bytes)Shark's wonderful idea of a moving van with videos on the outside has done more to educate people about rodeos and animal abuse than anyone else -- they are a small organization and extremely dedicated -- few are as hardworking as Steve Hindi.   (Photo-right: more dog meat!)

Think about this -- only animal people read news about animals -- the general public that does not voluntarily read about animals can be reached by these educational vans.  Each specially outfitted van costs $150,000 and they want to put one in Korea for the dogs and cats being tortured and killed.  The only thing stopping them is money.  The timing could not be better with the World Cup coming up next year.   I scraped up some money and sent it to them -- if every person reading this article passes the article on and everyone sent even $10-$25 to them WE CAN DO THIS!  Can't afford that, send a dollar!  Ask to have this information put in your church bulletin, school paper, humane society newsletter, etc.  Even non-activists get upset about this -- who wouldn't?  Write to your own animal organization and ask them to help SHARK accomplish this!  Ask that every animal organization puts this issue on their main page or alert list (remember united we stand, divided we fall)!  If you belong to another organization or don't want to be on SHARK's mailing list then just ask them to make this a one time donation for the van.  If you don't even want your name to be known or linked to an animal rights group (I know people like this who are afraid of what the neighbors may think -- heaven forbid they should find out you have compassion) then purchase a money order and you can send it totally anonymously.  Or even mail $1 bill to them -- your total cost is giving up a pop out of the machine for a day plus one stamp.  Can you do that to stop the torture of animals that are just like our own companion animals?  Just like your own Buffy and Mookiee and King and Blackie and Rex and Morris and Tasha and Fluffy and Pete and JoJo and Herbie and Shasta.....  Can you not hear the cries of horrible pain as these innocent creatures scream out?  Is there no justice for them?  Have the ones who have been tortured and killed died in vain?

nl-31oct2001-cat_p3.jpg (33125 bytes)When I think of what dogs and cats have done for humans, this story is just so much more horrific.  Cats have saved people from fires, they have functioned as ears for the hearing impaired--dogs have served us in war and saved countless soldiers' lives, they are assistance dogs, bomb and drug detectors, etc.  How can humans treat them like this?  Do we like pain?  Do we like to feel scared?  Would we like to be tortured and beaten to death?  (Photo-left: stacked up dead cats waiting to be skinned)

Can you give up your movies for a month?  Take your lunch to work instead of buying it?  Hold off buying that new tool?  Pass on buying that book with your next check, shop at a used clothing store?  Take up a collection at your school -- get schoolchildren involved?  Have a garage sale to help them? Sell some things on Ebay or make and sell a craft to help them?  If you absolutely cannot donate, then at least pass this story on to others who may.  Write a letter to the editor to educate others and tell them about SHARK and the Korean dog and cat markets.  Polite protest letters (remember Korea is a mostly patriarchal society -- men have the power) can be sent to these addresses:
Protest Letters (Inter. Fund for Anim. Welfare website)

nl-31oct2001-cat_p4.jpg (30203 bytes)Remember no country likes bad publicity and the press will be covering this important soccer (called football in some countries) event.  No country likes to lose tourist dollars either.  (Photo-right: cats being butchered)

As your kitten rubs against your leg, as your puppy licks your hand and you look into their eyes you know all they give back to us.  If we could communicate with them, I wonder what they would say?  Perhaps something like: "Help our sisters and brothers out in Korea because who else can do it if you don't?"  Will people who do not like animals help?  You won't get a medal or any thanks from the animals because they can't do that.  You won't get your name in lights.  You won't most likely see the results of your contribution except as a tax write-off or as results reported by animal welfare groups.  What you will have is peace and love in your heart knowing that you did a little something to end horrible suffering for those who can't help themselves -- God's innocent creatures.  Your life will have more meaning and purpose and you will feel alive inside knowing the power of selfless love.

A special message for you folks who never or rarely do anything for animals but have the time and money to help -- you love your cat or dog and treat them well, but it's more important to have fun all the time or buy into culture's junk values which dictate: "how much can we buy before we die" theory and "keeping up with the Joneses so I will feel like an okay person".  Find a better use for the money you spend on those empty things just this once.  You can't drag your money into the grave with you! These precious innocents who only ask for food and love and shelter and who give us back so much in return would thank us if they could.  All eyes will be on this part of the world next year for the World Cup -- THE TIME IS NOW!!!  WE SHALL PREVAIL WITH YOUR HELP!!

Some great quotes you may want to use: (for letters and emails -- Korea has different religions as well as Christianity and there is still an influence from Confucianism)

"Have a compassionate heart toward all creatures." Confucianism

Proverbs 12:10 "A good man cares even for his beast, but the bad man has a cruel heart" (there are variations on these words depending on the Bible translation used)

And for all of us: From the U.S. Military Academy's Cadet Maxim:

"Risk more than others think is safe.  Care more than others think is wise.  Dream more than others think is practical.  Expect more than others think is possible."

Judith Marie Gansen
Staff: Animals in Print
Pawprints, Footprints and Animal Chatter



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