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3 December 2000 Issue

Hi there,
I hope you enjoy our newest issue of AIP.
We are dedicating this issue of AIP to the life and loss STORMY

Table of Contents

Fur Heaven Sent
Report Animal Abuse
Korean dog/cat abuse
Quote, LJBeane
Sled Dog Action Coalition
Quote, LJBeane
Boy Abuses Dog
Vegan Facts Needed

(Look for the continuing story of Jessica's` Journey in our next publication.)


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Many people who abuse & exploit animals for money.....bunchers, breeders....puppy in cash and do not report the income. To report someone you suspect of this in the U.S.

CALL 1 800 829 0433

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Why don't we ever see baby pigeons?

Pigeon nests are usually built in hard-to-reach or hidden places that resemble the caves and sea cliffs of the pigeon's natural environment in North Africa, the Middle East and Europe. For 10 days, the fledglings are fed "pigeon milk," a high protein, high fat cottage cheese like material created in the crop of both parents. The birds grow quickly. They walk at about 18 days of age and start exercising their wings about 7 days later. Because they eat a high protein and high fat food and do not get much exercise, the birds are often bigger than their parents by the time they start to fly, about 31 days after hatching. Most young pigeons or squabs stay close to home before flying, so people are unlikely to see the young birds until they are full grown.

Margery Glickman, [email protected]

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All animals are humans, they just wear different skins.

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Dominion over animals doesn't mean abuse, torture, kill, maim, eat, terrify or harm. Dominion is an honor that provides a gentle hand that protects, respects and loves.

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A Southern Season
P.O. Box 2678
Chapel Hill, NC 27515-2678
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I am dismayed to learn that a company as reputable as A Southern Season has elected to sell foie gras in its holiday catalog. The holidays are a time when people open their hearts to creatures less fortunate. Perhaps, if you knew the truth behind foie gras “delicacies,” you would choose compassion over unnecessary anguish .

Foie gras is diseased food: It is the sick, fatty liver of geese and ducks. To generate liver disease, birds are force-fed through 16-inch metal tubes shoved down their throats. To enlarge their livers swiftly and cost-effectively, the tubes are linked to a pressurized pump which fills the confined birds for 28 or more days. Animals with punctured throats, hideously swollen livers and exploding stomachs literally live as extensions of a machine.

Among the 12% who die before slaughter, most are found with food heaped in their esophagi and gushing from their nostrils. An investigator who raided a foie gras farm last Spring observed an ambience of terror and violence, lacking any mercy for animals so unnaturally bloated they were unable to walk. Necropsies ordered during another police raid on a foie gras farm exposed chronic heart disorders, rupture of liver cell membranes, cirrhosis, traumatic esophagitis, and gizzard and intestine lesions.

While many practices within the food-animal “factory farm” system are inhumane, I see no need for any company to promote a product rooted in such profuse animal suffering.

Thank-you for your attention to this serious matter.


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Vegan Facts

New Vegan/Animal Rights based website. I am currently in the construction of a new Vegan based website. This website will have a very large information database pertaining to Veganism/Animal Rights, a merchandising center with discounted Vegan merchandise, such as bumper stickers for a $1.00, original t-shirts for $11.00, a forum for Animal rights discussion, and more... What I need are people to help me put it together, I already have a web designer hired, enough merchandise to get it started, a forum made, what I need are people to help me collect links/information from different websites and resources, basically im creating a link directory, so any links at all would be very appreciated. Thanks for any help.

[email protected]

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