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From 3 November 2000 Issue:

Letters to the Editor

Tuesday, October 31, 2000

Adopt a pound pet

It is wrong that pet stores are allowed to sell any breed of dog.  But it is more sad that pet stores sell mixed breeds that were made on purpose to sell them to people just to make money off of them.  I bet a lot of these dogs will end up at the pounds someday along with all the rest of them.  But one thing I know is that pet stores and the breeders they get the dogs from add to the millions of dogs killed every year in shelters because they don't have homes anymore.  Why would anyone breed a new kind of dog on purpose when we have so many already who don't have a family to be with?   It is stupid, and it is not caring at all.  All pet stores should turn into shelters and help the problem, not make it worse, like they are doing now.  And now it is getting worse when they sell mixed breeds.  The shelters and pounds have a lot of nice puppies and dogs, kittens and cats too.  Please go there and see just how nice they are. You can adopt one instead of paying a lot of money to a pet store that only cares about making money and making more dogs when we don't need them.  There are already millions needing homes this very minute.  There are nice kittens and cats, too, at the shelters who are just as good and even purebred kinds, too.

Adam ___ age 10

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