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From 3 November 2000 Issue:

Pig Kill Planned For November 24, 2000, as part of an "exhibit"

Frontier Culture Museum, of Staunton, Virginia, is planning to kill a pig on November 24, 2000, as part of an "exhibit" aimed at teaching visitors what it was like to live in Virginia in 1850. Staff plan to shoot in the head a two-year-old pig raised on the Museum's farm without visitors seeing the actual killing, just to be able to make foods and candles such as farmers a century-and-a-half ago might have done.

Imagine the outcry if, just for "realism," a museum about life in 1850 flogged someone to show what slaves endured; kept dogs unvaccinated, covered with fleas and ticks, and tossed scraps to them out the door to show how dogs lived; and kept children on the premises with rickets and rotting teeth! Yet when it comes to pigs, the Museum deems "realism" absolutely essential.

According to Farm Sanctuary, a Frontier Culture Museum spokesperson says the Museum is very selective about what it chooses to exhibit and not to exhibit about life in 1850. But the Museum still refuses to cancel the taking of a pig's life.

We want the Frontier Culture Museum to teach what can easily be learned WITHOUT killing.

Please write to:

Directors Frontier Culture Museum
P.O. Box 810 Staunton, VA 24402-0810
Fax: 540-332-9989

Please explain that pigs' lives are valuable and it is not the animals' fault few people recognized that fact 150 years ago. Explain problems with teaching people it is okay to kill healthy, intelligent pigs. Tell them pigs need their help, not their bullets, due to horrible factory farm conditions right now, in 2000.

Please write soon-November 24 is just around the corner. Thank you very much!

For more information, please contact David Cantor in Farm Sanctuary's Investigations Department at [email protected] .

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