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From 4 April 2002 Issue

Readers Responses to:
Personal Tragedy, Losing Boris

Letter from Judy - 10 April 2002


I am crying as I write this--what a horrible thing to have to go through.  You did the absolute correct thing in euthanizing and also in listening to your gut feeling.

Years ago I had a bad experience when I went to euthanize one of our dogs.  The vet couldn't get a vein and she kept trying and trying and there was blood all over me and poor Pandora and the vet.  All that could have been avoided with a tranquilizer and a better vet able to get a vein in an old dog. 

After hearing about your horrible story I am now concerned about the dogs we have euthanized as I always leave them with the vet.  I do that because I can't deal with it once they are gone.  I will be rethinking this and may take your column to our vet to discuss this.  I pray some good comes out of your horrible experience because I never questioned this before.

I am not lawsuit happy but once you are over the worst part of this tragedy I would sure think about checking into how this could happen and see if the vet is completely culpable and if so, go after the vet.

I know words can't really help now but I want you to know that I care and that my prayers and thoughts are with you and your family.  Your beloved is in a better place now , free from suffering.  You gave him wonderful care and loved him and that is all they want from us.  I wish I could think of more to say to comfort you--I can't imagine what you are going through since euthanizing is hard enough but to go through what you went through is horrible.

Take care of yourself.  It has helped us to plant a tree in memory of one of our loved ones and then say a prayer over it--0ur vets office does this too.  Your article too will help so many other pets because this is an area most do  not talk about.  There are also some good books out there in dealing with grief in the loss of a pet and some hotlines for bereavement counseling.  Don't be afraid to reach out.  Or talk to me if you want.

Take care and let me know if there is ANYTHING that I can do for you,

Your friend,

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