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From 4 April 2002 Issue

Readers Responses to:
Personal Tragedy, Losing Boris

Letter from Marti - 9 April 2002

Dear Linda,

What a heartbreaking story you shared with us, but what a gift of love you bestowed on us, warning us of the possibility that our "euthanized" animals might not yet have passed on to the Rainbow Bridge.

I worked for a veterinarian for 13 years and assisted in euthanizing MANY animals just "dropped off" by their owners, and I can tell you this NEVER happened at our clinic!  I think this veterinarian should be reported.

If the Veterinary Examining Board (which may or may not be staffed by his "good ole' cronies" who are also vets) doesn't act of this man's inability to perform a satisfactory euthanasia, try posting your experience on some other rescue lists (for ideas) and call your local TV stations.  SOMEONE should close this vet down!!!!!

Please know, however, (from my experience assisting a vet) that during this "limbo" time, Boris was probably so deeply sedated that he felt NO pain.  You and your husband must have suffered terribly during this time, but I am positive that Boris was not suffering.  And, the shot
in the heart (while somewhat gruesome) is sometimes the only way to euthanize an animal (especially one with very low blood pressure).

Again, though it was no doubt awful to watch, Boris felt nothing--just as if he were in "surgery", so to speak.

I know that awful quietness in your house today.  We have for many years had multiple dogs, but whenever one dies there is that awful "silence" you speak of--even with other dogs in the house.......

Tears are streaming down my face as I write this because I really do know what you are going through.  But as the months go by, this awful experience (which, remember, was hard for you and your husband but not for Boris) will be tempered with the happier memories--when Boris was
healthy and happy and enjoyed the love you must have lavished on him.

What you did that day was the final, most loving act you could have bestowed on Boris....and he knows that.  May you one day have a glorious meeting at Rainbow Bridge!

Have courage, Linda.  Our thoughts are with you during these difficult days.  And--when the time is right--keep your eye open for some other dog who needs you.  Boris will send it to you when you're ready.....And it will be a a VERY fortunate fur-baby!


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