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From 4 April 2002 Issue

Readers Responses to:
Personal Tragedy, Losing Boris

Letter from Roni - 17 April 2002

Hi there:

I got an email from Beatrice about the botch job done on your cat by the vet.  I understand you plan to send a letter to the newspaper.  I would also send a letter to your state veterinarian.  The state vet regulates all licensing of all vets in the state.  It sounds to me like the vet that botched the job needs to go back to a proper euthanasia procedural clinic - they hold them all the time.  If the vet continues to refuse to go to that clinic then the state vet better damn well fine or penalize that vet - that's part of the state vets job.  I would also file a formal complaint with the American Veterinary Medical Association.  Your vet should not be practicing as he is obviously incompetent.  "It doesn't happen all the time"  It only happens because he/she doesn't know what they are doing or they are not giving enough of the fatal plus medication.  Using the needle through the heart method is  only supposed to be used as a last resort.  Using the proper dosage of fatal plus injected into a vein, will put the animal to sleep before they even finish the injection.

I am so sorry that you and your pet had to go through that.  It was so so unnecessary.  Please keep me posted on this.  It would also be helpful for me to have the name of the veterinarian and the city/state he/she is in.  I suspect that there may be other cases of animal cruelty against this vet.  I maintain a website on animal cruelty which tracks all cases within the US.

Again I am very sorry for you, your pet and your loss.

The National Animal Abuse Registry
[email protected]

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