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Animals In Print
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From 4 April 2002 Issue

Readers Responses to:
Personal Tragedy, Losing Boris

Letter from Teri - 10 April 2002


As a member of your newsletter about animal issues / rights, I feel I have come to know you as a friend, though we have never met.  Whenever I meet someone who feels the same way I do about animals, I feel as though I have met a kindred spirit.  Your news today regarding your beloved Boris broke my heart.

You have endured unnecessary heartbreak due to someone else's indifference and incompetence.  I am so sorry for the loss of your "furbaby".  I, too, have lost many of my "children" over the years.  Each loss took away a little part of me.  I know from experience there is nothing anyone can say to relieve your pain right now, but please know that you gave Boris a beautiful life, and were with him in his time of passing.  That is all any of us can hope for in this world, a life filled with love and happiness, and to pass from this life surrounded by someone who loves us and is protecting us.  He had that in you.  I know I am a stranger to you, but if there is anything I can do to offer peace at this time, please e-mail me.   

Thinking of you,  

Fellow Animal Lover,

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