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From 4 January 2002 Issue


One of America's great radio personalities, Don Imus, has some great advice for you.  NOTMILK!

Tim Russert interviewed the I-Man on December 15th, 2001, (CNBC's "Tim Russert Show"), and the subject turned to diet.

Russert had offered Imus a hot dog to eat, and Imus turned him down with this comment:

Imus:  Okay, but I have not had one in over a year.  Because first of all, it's full of carcinogens.  That's one.  If  you knew how this stuff was made, and you knew how they tortured animals when they killed them to make meat, you'd never eat that stuff.  We have a cattle ranch in New Mexico for these kids with cancer and they see - we don't serve - it's an
entirely vegan diet.  No dairy products.

Russert:  So you don't eat meat.

Imus:  No, not at all.

Russert:  None.

Imus:  None.

Later on in the interview, Russert asks about Imus's son, Wyatt.

Imus:  And when I stopped eating dairy products, I really felt better.

Russert:  Now, has Wyatt ever been to McDonald's?

Imus:  No.

Russert:  Never. (Imus nods agreement).  Does he know what McDonald's is?

Imus:  Uh...(thinks a while).  Well I guess - I don't know whether he does or not.  We've driven by it, but-

Russert:  Does he have any interest in having a hamburger?

Imus:  No.

Russert:  He has soy balls.

Imus:  Oh yeah, but they're veggie burgers and stuff and they're actually, actually terrific…And my kid, because he's eating healthy, and he's had a couple of soy burgers
or whatever the hell he's had for breakfast, feels great and is on an even keel all day and he's not uh - you know he's 3 1/2 years old and he doesn't take naps and he goes to
bed at 10:00 o'clock and he's never been sick a day in his life (knocks on his head).


How does Howard Stern feel about cow's milk and soy?

Howard interviewed the NOTMILKMAN on April 4, 2000, but I soon turned the discussion my way.  Here are various snippets from that radio interview:

HOWARD:  I agree with you that milk is dangerous for adults.  Also I agree with you that they have put so many hormones in the milk that, you know, people have been speculating: "Why are young girls getting their breasts at 11 years old now?"

HOWARD:  ...And earlier and earlier...And why are little kids so fat?  You know, milk is used by cows to fatten up calves and turn them into cows.

HOWARD:  Well, I don't think dairy is a necessary thing... especially a glass of milk.  I think you can get calcium from other products.

HOWARD:  Yeah.  So, usually I have a nice big bowl of shredded wheat with soymilk before I go to bed.

HOWARD:  Yeah, you'll be happy to know, soymilk...which is very good by the way...

ROBERT:  Sure, great alternative.

ROBIN:  You like soymilk.

HOWARD:  (I) love soymilk.

ROBERT:  Every American should hear you.  And you should tell your mother!  Because I heard you argue with her three years ago about milk.

HOWARD:  Well, my mother doesn't know... My mother doesn't know anything about nutrition.  My mother has a build which indicates she doesn't know much about nutrition.

Robert Cohen

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