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From Animals In Print 5 January 2001 Issue:

ALF Raid Genesis Labs Communique

The Animal Liberation Front is claiming responsibility for the liberation of approximately 179 animals from Genesis Laboratories (10122 NE Frontage Rd., Wellington CO) in the early morning hours of August 28th, 2000.

Genesis Laboratories performs wasteful, redundant and cruel toxicology experiments on hundreds of wild animals annually. Under the guise of "science", vivisectors at Genesis live-trap animals in the Colorado wilderness, confine them to inhumanely small cages such as those we found inside the lab, and poison or otherwise torture these innocent creatures to death. 179 animals are now out of this torture chamber.

An outdoor aviary holding wild Bobwhite birds held for future use inside the lab was located, the pen walls cut away with wire cutters, and approximately 100 birds allowed to escape.

We then cut into an adjacent aviary where 11 ducks were loaded into carriers and taken to a getaway vehicle.

The main laboratory was our next target. Using a high speed drill and 3/8" drill bit, several holes were drilled into the wall of the building. Bolt cutters were then used to cut away a 3' X 3' hole in the corrugated metal siding. Fiberglass insulation was stripped away, and an additional hole was cut into the drywall, giving us direct access into a room holding an additional 68 Bobwhite birds. These birds were held in tiny wire cages allowing no room to fly or walk. The cages were cut into and all 68 birds loaded into carriers for delivery to a getaway vehicle.

Moving further into the building with the intent of liberating every last animal, we stepped into the path of a motion sensor in the laboratory hallway, sounding alarms and demanding a premature retreat. This unfortunate technical error forced us to leave behind hundreds of animals held throughout the building including additional birds, prairie dogs, squirrels, ferrets, and wild mice and rats.

All rescued animals were confirmed to be wild and native to the region, taken to a wilderness area, and released to live out their lives free from the bloodthirsty grasp of conventional "science".

When darkness falls, their laws enforcing savagery are voided and we will do what is necessary to liberate the animals.

For the end of the meat, dairy, vivisection, fur, and all animal exploitation industries - A.L.F.

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