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From 7 January 2003 Issue


Dear Jillouise,

My cat, age 12, has just been diagnosed with cancer. (I hear cancer is quite common in cats.) My cat, Herman, is taking various medications . He has intestinal cancer. Today he started a course of chemotherapy, consisting of a strong chemo drug, steroid, antibiotic and vitamin supplements. They said he has maybe a year to live IF the chemo works. If not, he could die any time.

I've been asking other 'animal people' and surfing the Internet and I'm learning that cats can be vegetarian or vegan. From what I understand, diet helps HUMANS fight cancer so why not cats?? Help me fix my cat's diet so he can fight the cancer and live! Any input on diet is gratefully apprecaited. Thanks,


Dear Gena,

I am so sorry to hear about Herman's illness...My heart goes out to you. I'm not a veterinarian, but I can certainly provide you with some information on veggie cats.

Cancer is common in cats and dogs. I believe that most commercial pet foods, which are filled with horrible and often unbelievable things, are, literally, killing our companion animals. (Even the pet foods which advertise "no addatives/no preservatives", etc. are suspect. )

I am not sure what you've been feeding Herman, but it's imperative that you get him on a pure food diet now, especially if he's going through chemo! By pure food, I mean whole foods like rice, oatmeal, fresh vegetable (choave lightly cooked and/or a vegan diet. Yes, diet is EXTREMELY important in fighting disease and for general good health, for humans and all other living beings. I highly recommend and urge you to prepare your own 'cat food,' of freshly cooked oatmeal, fresh vegetables, perhaps tofu or other soy products and a little fresh fish (You can wean your cat off the fish later on.), with veggie cat or vegan cat supplement (available at most health food stores and also online). It's not difficult to do once you get the hang of it.

Please read the Animal Protection Institute's article "What's Really In Pet Food" for further information.

What'sReally In Pet Food-API  

If you have been feeding your cat commercial cat food and are feeling overwhelmed about cooking for him now, here's an easy solution:

Get a small bowl. Pour 1/8 cup instant oatmeal in it & add sufficient water. Stir. Microwave for 1 minute. Open a small can of water-packed tuna. Add one tablespoon to the oatmeal. Allow to cool 10-15 minutes, as microwaved foods can be deceptively hot! Add Vegecat nutritional supplement (Made by Harbingers of A New Age) & Tah-dah! You've got one home-cooked meal for Herman, with minimal effort. You can even prepare a huge bowl of this which will last a week, and keep it in fridge. Add finely chopped fresh, uncooked vegetables for variety and always add garlic. Cats love garlic & it's good for the immune system!

I wish you and your kitty all the best.

Love and paw pats,
Jillouise Breslauer
Companion Animal Behavior Consultant
What Jill Knows, Copyright 2002
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