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From 7 May 2001 Issue:


As some people might know, Ferrets are illegal in California.... Some of you might have never even seen a ferret?  Truth they are a type of weasel.  They are carnivores.  But the only thing my ferret attacks viciously is his ferret food which closely resembles cat food.  My ferrets think my Pomeranian is another ferrets and tries to play with him, chasing him around the room. I have two of these incredible animals.  They are absolutely happy to see me when I come home, both ferrets are litter boxed trained, and quite sweet (Goliath enjoys giving kisses and taking bathes), Jade will ferociously attack any boots or shoes left unattended, and viciously wrestle with socks. Goliath in the meantime will find any Ping pong balls or water bottles he can steal and hide.  After a long romp and a tiring version of the weasel war dance (this is where the ferret flings itself around wildly almost in a possed fashion, to gain the attention of whatever or whoever it wants to play with), they find a drawer or the dirty clothes hamper and curl up to go to sleep until I wake them and put them back in their spacious cage to sleep. These creatures are curious and very adventurous, very prone to sneaking out and ending up in places they really shouldnt be.  If you were to turn a domesticated ferret into the wild it would die or be killed.  They lack the skills nessacery to survive in the wild.  They are very gentle and sweet, it is impossible to laugh when they are bouncing around and impossible to ignore them when they demand your attention.  Often found in the most unlikely places.  It is hard to believe anyone they has owned a ferret or even had the pleasure of playing with one would want them to be illegal.  Yes, I own my ferrets illegally, I love them.  Please help those of us who love ferrets make them legal in California.  We appreciate your help.

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