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From 7 October 2003 Issue

Tiger attack: "Seigfried & Roy" show

Editors Note; I am sure all of you are aware of the tiger attack that occurred during "Seigfried & Roy" show . For those of you that may be surprised please read the realities of wild animals being used as commodities in various circuses and shows. These animals are miserable and perform out of fear. The attack was not a surprise to me and it is fortunate that innocent people sitting in the audience were not injured.

The following is a comment by a person unaware of the brutality required to train wild tigers :
Quote"[Roy is] a great animal lover and believes he is helping the species.>>"

  Following is Adela, telling like it is--again--her response sums it up folks!

Adela quote: "WHAT???????  helping the species by keeping them in captivity and FORCING them to do anti-natural acts, and using force and sadism on them???  Animals are not actors who, like humans, want to act.  For them this is a miserable existence of physical pain AND spiritual humiliation which they (and we) don't understand why they deserve it! 
The person who felt SO sorry for this filthy trainer, should read the book "The Circus Kings", by Henry North Ringling, the early founder of The Ringling Bros.  Among other things he writes:  "It is not usually a pretty sight to see the big cats trained.  When the trainer starts off, the animals are all chained to their pedestals, and ropes are put around their necks to choke them down and make them obey.  All sorts of other brutalities are used to force the animals to respect the trainer and learn their tricks. The animals work from fear."  Gary Yourofsky adds: "It is impossible to use positive reinforcement with purely wild animals like elephants, lions, bears and tigers.  Violence is THE only way to make wild animals perform unnatural tricks.  Training sessions are comprised of beatings in order to establish superiority.  Blackjacks, hooks, iron bars, whips and sticks are used to beat the pride out of the animals. That's why all circus trainers carry weapons around with them like elephant hooks, which are pick-axe-like devices and whips for the lions, bears and tigers."
Again, if I had been the tiger...I would've torn off piece by piece of him.  I wish I found a potion to give to all animals in captivity which will make them attack MERCILESSLY their trainers, traders, dealers; in sum, all the responsible jerks for their slavery!   And, when they killed me (yep they do, as they always blame the animals) I'd feel they've done me a favor as I have nothing to lose except a hellish existence of slavery!
For someone in the animal rights movement to feel sorry for the self-appointed MASTER of very strange...   Adela"

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